5 art projects online to see right now

The new lifestyle we are in is forcing us to visit all the museums & galleries online. Here they are – the 5 cool galleries and their online oriented approaches for these days – 5 art projects online to see right now. An online view of an exhibition, a portal, a gallery room for art fair visitors, a beautiful initiative for discovering & helping young artist, a designated online location for the collectors. 

Galateca, Bucharest – #Contactless Art Wall – a project that will include a selection of works submitted, representative films or images, curated by the Galateca team and which will be exhibited in virtual space, in an innovative concept, on site, Facebook and Instagram, daily at the same time. Until now, #Contactless put together 6 artists from Galateca portfolio – Richard Scott, Liliana Mercioiu, Ingrid Cosma, Andrei Iulian Anghel, Bogdan Cazacincu, Vlad Tenu. The second part of submission will end on April 17 – http://www.galateca.ro. – see the picture above

Gagosian Gallery – #ArtistSportlight – a project that brings every day a new artist in the public eye. Created in response to the covid-19 pandemic, the Artist Spotlight series highlights individual artists, one week at a time, whose exhibitions have been affected by the health crisis. A single artwork by the artist is made available with pricing information for forty-eight hours only. See the beautiful works by Sarah Sze – wonderful works that combine objects and images from worlds both physical and digital, assembling them into complex multimedia installations that prompt microscopic observation while evoking a macroscopic perspective on the infinite. – gagosian.com – Sarah Sze – Ripple (Times Zero) – below

Lukas Feichtner Galerie, Vienna – The gallery is closed, but the exhibitions are on going. This month, Hermann Nitsch is the artist on the spotlight. On www.artsy.net you can see various art works from different galleries, and that was the solution of the Austrian gallery to keep the visitors & customers close by. Hermann Nitsch (*1938 Vienna), lives and works in Prinzendorf Castle in Austria. He is one of the most significant contemporary artists and also one of the most versatile: performance artist, painter, composer (symphonies, organ concerts), dramatist, stage designer.

David Zwirner – #ThePreview – In 2017, having realized how much business the gallery did through online previews before art fairs, the dealer David Zwirner decided to develop virtual viewing rooms. Now, as art fairs are canceled, museums close and auction houses consider whether to call off their spring sales in response to the coronavirus, the online solution seems so perfect! I loved Harold Ancart’s sculptural Swimming Pools – see image – below. 

Art Basel – #ArtFair – All the fair activity is already online, the galleries that were supposed to be presented at Miami, Basel or Hong Kong show their artists online, on the fair website. Plus – if you are a dedicated collector or dealer, you can see more of them in Online Viewing Rooms. www.artbasel.com