#lovedeco: 4 crushes of the spring 2020

When the entire world is locked down, home is where all I love and care is. But, also, home is now the actual place where I try to work and dream, therefore this month could be the perfect opportunity to find some pieces to make it more beautiful. Here they are – #lovedeco: 4 crushes of the spring 2020.

Alessandra Baldereschi @alessandrabaldereschi an Italian artist that stole my heart since I saw, for the first time, one of her glass works. Imagine a tea cup with a little tree inside, picture some vases that look like flowers or a yellow bird flying over your orange juice, in a glass. Or a white dove, a squirrel and its tail, and an owl sitting on a tree branch… in your cup. Alessandra Baldereschi worked in Japan for a while, where she developed projects for ceramic tableware, then she developed various projects for Swatch Bijoux , Fabbian Illuminazione, Moss NY, Dilmos, De Vecchi, Chimento, Coin Casa Design. Her latest collection produced by glass manufacturer, ichendorf milano, is an “animal farm” series, the new pieces bring an assortment of wildlife to delicate hand-blown glassware. 


CrowdyHouse @crowdyhouse is the proof that little things are making the most beautiful space, if you know how to use them right. I loved the ideas of book corners, the different type of watches and the reimagined kitchen appliances. Launched in 2013, the platform dedicated to objects for the home is one of the most selfless and innovative notions in the market today. The purpose was to allow independent and creative designers to sell their wares directly to consumers without intermediaries. It is, in the end, perfect to give a little joy to a cloudy afternoon. 


Jean-Marc Fondimare – @jmfceramique. “Working with porcelain is like preparing a good meal”, the designer said. An usual suspect to Maison & Objet, the ceramicist Jean-Marc Fondimare creates beautiful objects that bring joy into our daily life. 
In 2009, he and his partner Eric Hibelot founded L’Atelier des Garçons. The nature was always an inspiration for Jean-Marc for his porcelain tableware, decorative objects, and… beautiful birdhouses that he has hung in clusters outside his atelier. After experimenting for a while with the potter’s wheel, Jean-Marc discovered his artistic identity in the technique of porcelain slipcasting. I just loved the ceramic little spoons as well as the super interesting light pieces. 


Simone Bodmer-Turner @simonebodmerturner. The New York studio account is all about ceramic, sculpture and design. The studio includes two complementary bodies of work. One is the Permanent Collection of Vessels, designed by Bodmer-Turner in 2017 and produced in the Brooklyn studio (a collectible line of vases designed for minimal floral arranging or to stand on their own as sculptural objects) and two, some impressive clay sculptures (inspired by the human body and the organic movement found in the natural world).