11 artists that I loved at Art Madrid 2020

Incredible colours, surreal photographies, paintings that are transformed as closed as I  came closer, art works that function as social statements: this was, for short, the landscape of the 15th edition of Art Madrid 2020. And these following are those 11 artists that I loved. (Photo up – image of Jorg Karg, Galería BAT Alberto Cornejo)

41 galleries, 200 artists, 13 galleries participanting for the fist time – Art Madrid 2020. Exhibitors from 9 countries – France, Portugal, Austria, Germany and Italy, through Ecuador and Cuba to Taiwan. https://www.art-madrid.com

Jorg Karg, Galería BAT Alberto Cornejo 

Of course his works caught my attention – so many photographies and so cool collages worth to be in a fashion magazine. The German artist Jorg Karg has always had an obsession for pictures. He focused his career on digital collages, rearranging the photographic material and abstracting it. 

Diego Beneítez, Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery 
He had one of the most intriguing works that I saw in the fair. From far away, his paintings are as minimalist as a Mondrian, let’s say. But when I came closer, the lines revealed to be actual horizon landscapes somewhere far far away. 

Diego Beneítez

Marcos Tamargo, Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery
The interesting art works requires a close look and some patience – with a lot of symbols and a bunch of techniques involved – from fire & ashes to black light to reveal some hidden details. 

Marcos Tamargo

Malgosia Jankowska & Víctor Lope, Arte Contemporáneo Gallery 
Malgosia Jankowska studied painting in Berlin and Warsaw. Her work, carried out with an impeccable technique, transports the viewer to a world where nature and man live in harmony. However, in most of her works that calm that transmits the environment seems to be threatened by the appearance of insects and snakes made on a larger scale.

Malgosia Jankowska & Víctor Lope

Hendrik Czakainski, Urban Spree, Berlin 
Adopting a bird’s eye view, the artist creates large-scale post-architectural panels which are dark anatomical explorations of the urban body. The artist becomes a forensic architect, collecting evidence of disasters, past, present and future, incorporating them in surreal compositions of large proportions, creating 3-dimensional landscapes which have become void of human presence and frightfully beautiful at the same time. 

Hendrik Czakainski

Santiago Picatoste, 3 Punts Galeria Barcelona 
Picatoste’s work has always had spontaneity and alchemy in mind in the creative process arising from post-pictorial abstraction in connection with figuration.

Santiago Picatoste

Teresa Carneiro, Nuno Sacramento Gallery, Portugal 
Some wood pieces, some pale colours, a lot of fun and mixed techniques – Teresa Carneiro’s work is loaded with pop art suggestions. Of a figurative theme, with a preference for illustrating female faces in situations ranging from the comic to a persuasive and sensual look.

Teresa Carneiro

Alejandro Gómez Cangas, Collage Habana & ArteMorfois, Cuba 
The Cuban artist Alejandro Gómez Cangas has an interesting perspective over the rainbow of humanity in kaleidoscopic motion. Bold colours, well sketched silhouettes, discovering the people struggle with the social challenges. 

Alejandro Gómez Cangas

Gonzalez Bravo & Paulo Neves (sculpture), Galeria São Mamede 
His paintings speak as equations to be solved, sharing an intimate and symbolic language in which colour is the main element. They are pieces full of feeling and mysticism, which introduce the observer to a profoundly reflective reality and the personal universe of the artist.

Gonzalez Bravo & Paulo-Neves

Juan Genovés, Aurora Vigil Escalera Gallery, Asturias
Like a drone taken picture, but yet a painting – the Spanish artist Juan Genovés developed a painting of expressionist and provocative nature. He investigated the static movement in painting, and the crowd has become the reference to talk about the problem of painting and visual rhythm.

Juan Genovés

Miguel Piñeiro, Moret Art Gallery  
A little bit of trompe-l’oeil effect and some pop colours – the artists revisits the concept of still life, infusing a contemporary pop air to this classic genre with the presence of icons of our daily reality. 

Miguel Piñeiro

Photography: www.dreamingof.net