Keszeg Agnes through the Looking Glass

For me, a scarf is a portal through a magical world. Maybe because my mother’s personal signature is always a scarf. Or maybe because I could find a dozen ways to wear a colourful piece of silk. Or maybe because every item tells a story? In these circumstances, I could’t find any better studio to go in than Keszeg Agnes one. Because it reminded me of the childhood. And the magical stories that stay behind the delicate drawings.

Versiunea în LIMBA ROMÂNĂ a interviului – AICI. 

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agnes keszeg scarfs

My journey in fashion world started with… two pieces of homework in my first year at university. They were supposed to be about the 60s and 80s and at that point I was sure that tapestry is not going to be my career.

My latest collection is about… old engravings, putti and monkeys.

My first fashion sketch (ever) was…  when I was six years old. They were sketches for my dolls clothes; I even sewed some of them.

Old school items that will always inspire me are… beads, embroidery, knittings, arras, lace; they are so many!

agnes keszeg sketches

keszeg agnes sketches

If my fashion mood board would be a city, it would be… Bangkok.

The best thing happened in fashion industry in the last 5 years / and the worst (from your point of view)…  Raf Simons at Calvin Klein / the underpaid work jobs in fashion industry, in Bangladesh, where workers gain less then 23 pounds on month.

The designer I would like to design accessories for his / her collection would be… anybody. I could adapt to ay styles; it is always a surprise when I receive such requests and I have to start the research.

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is…  a Hermès scarf.

scarfs details agnes keszeg

We need fashion in our life because…  it changes our life.

The next project will include… a new exclusivist scarf line and a kids scarf collection.

Keszeg Agnes graduated Fashion Design at UAD Cluj-Napoca in 2006. In the same year, she had her first illustrated book published, in Hungary. In 2008 she obtained the Master degree with a mockup fashion dictionary. Her illustrations had appeared in many Romanian and international glossy magazines. In 2009 she launched her scarfs line and the first porcelain dolls collection.

Alina Aliman & Keszeg Agnes

Photography: Mihai Plătică


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