A designer through the looking glass: Ilaria Nistri

When it’s almost summer and I’ve already put some items from fall/winter collections on the wish list… that could mean one thing. That designer worths following. That was the case of Milanese brand Ilaria Nistri (the story, here).

The fall/winter 2016 collection is entitled “Mirror Lyrics”. 
More designs and shop – https://www.ilarianistri.com. 

And of the fall/winter 2016 collection, entitled “Mirror Lyrics”, a well-put together line, the result of collaboration with the artist Aitor Ortiz, whose work focuses on the architectural image of buildings and their composite structures. In Ortiz’s photography, the “concept of real and concrete” becomes lost as it moves closer towards an imagined architecture, consisting of landscapes that are midway between the real and unreal. Therefore, the feeling of a world behind the looking glass is, somehow, persistent.

ilaria nistri2

And all of that shows in the details of the destructed blazers and oversized black sweaters, in the rigid lines of the zippers and the long, lean cuts of the overlay chiffon. The blend is a balanced mix of many materials in unusual combinations that bring together softness and rigidity, fluidity and structure, with lines where the essential design meet bold surfaces. The revised silhouette of the kimono forms a contrast with the prints in the collection but in the same way, blends perfectly with these sharp images.

Photography: (c) Ilaria Nistri


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