Fight cold weather with CHANEL LE LIFT 

Why do we talk about lifeguards only in the summer? On the beach? I think we need some help also in the autumn, when the changing weather, shorter days and the inevitable lust for another holiday make our faces to be really in a beauty danger. So, I found out there is something I could use for saving my skin. Chanel LE LIFT line. Why? Here are the 4 good reasons.

LE LIFT by Chanel products could be found in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, in Baneasa Shopping City. (

chanel le lift roll patches

First, at all, I should take care of my eyes. LE LIFT Flash Eye Revitalizer (and the patches that come along with it) is the perfect eye beauty! With its ultra-fresh, vitamin-enriched serum roll-on and its anti-fatigue revitalising patches, the high-impact duo in just two steps lifts and illuminates the eye area instantly, while reducing puffiness and dark circles. Try the roll for the morning and the patches for the evening.


Secondly, no cool outfit will look nice without a clear face. LE LIFT Lotion by Chanel has a special formula with a “magnetic water” complex, it diffuses its active ingredients within the epidermis. The firming effect is instantaneous. The skin is balanced, hydrated and plumped. It appears smoother, firmer and better equipped to fend off daily aggressors.

Thirdly, after the skin is perfectly hydrated, I would also need some cream to tighten and boost the radiance of the skin. LE LIFT V-Flash is enriched with vitamins and is the ideal face care for women seeking an instant dose of youthful-looking radiance.

chanel le lift

Last, but not the least, from the lifeguard team of this autumn, efficient as well to combat the autumn signs of skin depression is the sleep mask. At night, skin never sleeps! It works tirelessly and regenerates itself continuously as the cell renewal mechanism goes into overdrive. This is why CHANEL has completed its expert firming anti- wrinkle line with CHANEL LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask.


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