Veronique Branquinho: a poem in black and white

I encounter the name Veronique Branquinho 8-9 years ago when, working as an editor at ELLE, I had to do a designer’s portrait for one column in the magazine. And then I found her and her beautiful designs! And I fell in love with those clear cuts, strip textures and avantgarde designs. So every season, every collection, I am amazed by those interesting designs, with a touch of poetry with a romantic twist.

The trademark for Veronique Branquinho? Pleated skirts, granny-girl blouse and designs wearable focus clothes, simple and without much embellishments. So, the Veronique Branquinho Pre-Spring 2016 collection includes 15 summer dresses all in white and all in black, in natural materials like cotton and silk. The use of artisanal techniques and handmade details such as smock, sunburst pleats and lace incrustations gives every dress its own character.

Veronique Branquinho: “I value more the simple things in life. A return to simplicity and to an uncomplicated lifestyle.
 Although the dresses are romantically long, they express, through the choice of fabric, a daytime feeling.
The images of the collection shot in the woods express total freedom and beauty, that always has been an inspiration to me.
Forever Wild at Heart.”

Veronique Branquinho studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, one of the best fashion schools in the world, the home of Antwerp Six (Anne Demeulemeester and Dries van Noten among them), had collaboration for prestigious companies like luxury eyewear with Linda Farrow, a British sunglass designer; leather goods with Raf Simmons (the actual creative at Dior) for Ruffo Research, an Italian company; jazz shoes for Repetto, artistic director at Delveaux and the list could continue…. In 2009 she left her fashion house and she reappeared in Paris, in 2012, with a suprising collection.

Veronique Branquinho Veronique Branquinho Veronique Branquinho Veronique Branquinho

Copyright photography: Ronald Stoops for Veronique Branquinho