On the wish list: Burberry, The Bridle Bag

I have always been fascinated by horse shows, by the grace and strength and (why should I not admit?) by the classic & elegant accessories that go with the show. The boots, the bag, the jackets… And of course I would put on the wish list the one of the most beautiful equestrian inspiration bag. Burberry, The Bridle Bag.

Made in Florence, the city with an Academy of Leather (read here about Florence and the fashion sport you should see there), the manufacturing of the Bridle Bag respects three essential creative principles of Burberry brand.

Firstly, the equestrian influence may be spotted on the buckle’ shape and on the special leather, used usually for the equestrian equipment. Secondly, all Bridle bags are manufactured in a family atelier in Florence, and the artisan responsible for it is Piero Calosi. Thirdly, the bag is very versatile, and it can be worn at any outfit.

Burberry The Bridle Bag

(In Romania, the The Bridle Bag from Burberry is available in two sizes – medium and baby – at the shop from Luterana street no.4, www.burberry.com)


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