Picks of the month: 6 spring/summer collections with the tag #RomanianDesigner

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A top reminding us of some past holidays, a T-shirt that can make a day happier, some beautiful jewellery for sunny days, some dresses perfectly matched with our desire to travel and skirts that could transform a usual evening in a interesting one – I chose 6 new spring/summer 2020 collection. A hint: all of them have the tag #RomanianDesigner.

Murmur Essentials 2020 – on www.murmurstore.com 

The collection is the result of the rebirth of some iconic pieces from Murmur collections over the years. This spring/summer 2020 collections preserves the DNA of the brand, but transposes this philosophy into ephemeral pieces that can be worn every day. Sensual lines and details inspired by lingerie pieces are still brought to the surface, integrated into essential pieces such as tops, skirts, tights and dresses. The pieces in the new collection are made entirely of elastic knit, a very light material, suitable for the summer season and easy to integrate into outfits.
READ an interview with the designer, Andreea Bădală.

Ioana Ciolacu – 2020 Bare Necessities – ioanaciolacu.com 
Returning to essentials, Bare Necessities covers all the season’s laid-back styles we imagined one wears on repeat. Easy silhouettes in lightweight fabrics. Weightless dresses with refreshing back detailing. Spaghetti straps bring in the effortless sexy, while adjustable fastening is a game changer in wearability comfort. Dramatically oversized, the skirts are structured in never ending A-line ruffles. Combining delicate femininity with sportswear, hidden generous pockets are present in each garment for a relaxed feeling. READ an interview with the designer. 

Fereya SS2020 – Poesy. The flowers, the sky and all the holidays – https://fereya-shop.com
What would you pack for a summer holiday? Well, I would say… the entire collection of Fereya – the black dress, the casual pants and the top with a big bow, the cotton white shirts and the ample skirts. And that’s because the colours & the cuts remind me of the most spectacular holidays I’ve been into (Vietnam, Portugal, Italy and South of France). For the Cruise collection SS2020 of Fereya brand, the designer chose cotton and bamboo; the shades of the items are from pale pink to light green, white and black. 
The spring items – here. 

Alina Cernătescu #New #Summer 2020 – https://alinacernatescu.fashion 
Cocktail party dresses, Premium daywear and some luxurious homewear – that is the Romanian designer has for us for this summer. Well, nobody says that I should wear them only in the “designated purposes”. I would love to take the printed long dress (Balizia Ivy Print) in white & green to a long walk on the seaside and to take out, for an afternoon in the busy city, the white mini dress (Cosy Classic White).  
READ the interview with the designer here. 

O.moji.T-shirt collection SS2020 – www.TheStoriesofO.ro, www.molecule-f.com 
Fancy one icecream? Or maybe one peach? Or one endless love? O.moji is the name of the newest collection that Ovidiu Mureșanu launches under the label The Stories of O. It comes with a challenge on the most popular Social Media application of the moment: TikTok! It is the first launch of this kind in Romania and some of the most famous TikTokers in Romania has already took part in it. The O.moji collection is made of sustainable materials – premium organic cotton and, in addition to black and white, you will now find colorful T-shirts in such as Caribbean Blue, Cotton Pink, Sunset Orange, Lavander Dawn, French Navy or Neppy Mandarine. (Photo: Marius Tanef).

MONOM – Forma collection for summer 2020 – https://monom.studio/ro/
Incredible shapes, beautiful cuts, a story that takes us from the earth to the sky. As the designer says, “ Form is defined as a particular way in which something exists or appears. Yet… we find it difficult to embrace and we seldom love the particularities of our own body, the particular kind of shapes we were given, the particular kind of ways in which those shapes change over time… we wish for it all to be different, more like someone else’s, less like our own. Relentlessly, we don’t seem to understand that shapes are just shapes, like the waves of the ocean. We don’t love them differently just because they don’t all look the same, do we?”
READ the interview with the designer here. 


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