Special edition: hot, hot, hot – Romanian Jewelry Week exhibition in Timișoara

More than 500 pieces from 50 Romanian & international jewelry designers will be on display in Timișoara these days. Do not miss the event – I tell you from experience: you will fall in love with every piece of jewelry you see (Read here – about RJW past editions and interviews with the designers). Find your favourite designers and your next IT piece to wear at Romanian Jewelry Week exhibition in Timișoara. (Foto up: Venus in Jewels, Romania)

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  • The special edition Romanian Jewelry Week is taking place in Timișoara, from 30 June to 2nd July 2023 (in collaboration with ISHO Timișoara and Banca Transilvania), at ISHO Timișoara, Bulevardul Take Ionescu nr. 46C.
  • The exhibition will present works from 50 international & Romanian designers. 
Szilvia Zita Rémiás, Hungary

More than 500 pieces of art will be on display in Timișoara – designers from Romania, Belgium, Greece, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, South Korea, Iran, Canada and more. And the designers’ imagination had no limits – from ebony, silver, enamel and wood to gold, plastic, brass, resin and textile – the jewelry they have created tell a story. (READ here interviews with the designers from past editions of RJW).

Paula Petiz, Portugal
Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Romania
Contemporia, Romania

“Jewelry and the creative act are, more than ever, a communication vehicle for changing ideas, for messages addressed to a world in intercommunication and connection. The creative industry, this extraordinary invention, is actually the decision of those trained to express themselves creatively and not stop with their message at the border between the world and their own workshop. Leonardo da Vinci’s idea of the world seen as an extension of the artist’s studio becomes more present than ever”, says David Sandu, Curator Romanian Jewelry Week. 

Anna Faningina, Latvia
Cara Jewlery, Romania
Thomas Ayers, Italy

Plus: a beautiful exhibition of paintings about the city architectural wonders

Along with carefully curated jewelry, Assamblage pays tribute to the city of Timișoara through the exhibition “Detaliul Secession – Timișoara”, which will present the series of facades and ornaments painted in watercolour that form the basis of the album of the same name, signed by Maria Poștea and Bogdan Gărgăriță, the founders Intaglio. Also, during the event, there will be a screening dedicated to the international film festival inspired by art jewelry – SMCK on Reel. Under the theme “Civilization Rebooted”, the festival reflects on today’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, environmental pollution, war, fear, censorship and propaganda on the one hand, and recycling, revival, social justice, new values and the new aesthetics in art and design, on the other hand.

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Romanian Jewelry Week is an anual international project organized by Assamblage – National Association of Jewelry Designers and Authors of Contemporary Jewelery. It includes more than 190 designers from all over the world. Until now, there were 3 editions in Bucharest, now one in Timișoara and it will be a special one in Chișinău in 2023.

In Bucharest, Romanian Jewelry Week will take place between 4th and 8th of October 2023.

Daniela Cățoi, Romania
Alain Roggeman, Belgium