Going 13, going 14… marked! The designers I will see at V Fair #22

I tell you, it will be an impossible mission to choose the winners of this edition of V Fair #22. And that’s not just only because of the numbers (over 100 designers coming at the middle of the April), but also because of the diversity of the designs (from fresh & exciting young alumni of three important art universities o new and known clothes & accessories designers and special guests). (Photo up: AFMF)

V Fair, at the 22nd edition – 13-14 of April, at Palatul Telefoanelor, Bucharest.
“The Future is Now” is the line of the fair. More details on vforvintage.ro
Special guest: the Serbian designer Tara Lalic. 
Key words: Colorful Prints, Boiler Suits, Multifunctional, En Beige, Lemon Yellow, Fishnet, Polka Dots, Safari Adventurer. 

Until then, here are 10 of my favourites at V Fair #22.

Bianca Popp – the atypical lines, the cold colours, the natural fabrics: this is the perfect mix for the most wearable yet interesting clothes for every urban adventure. Sorry, I cannot choose just one favourite: I put all the white shirts and dark blue skirts on my wish list. www.biancapopp.com 

AFMF – there is nothing more versatile than denim. And the clothes from AFMF are, therefore, suitable for now and for the future. P.S. – The long white denim jacket is my favourite. www.afmf.ro 

What if I Fly – my favourite ballerinas in the whole world are back! Always delicate, sometimes fragile, sometimes tough – the jewellery from the lovely designers are made to be seen. Read the story about What if I Fly brand – HERE. www.whatififly.ro

Crina Bulprich – I have always admired the natural style and the wonderful fabrics from the designer’s collections. And this spring, Crina Bulprich doesn’t make an exception – her clothes seems perfect for a reconnecting with nature story all over again. Read HERE an interview with her. And follow her designs on @crina_bulprich. 

Luwa – silk & leather: these are the main lines of the beautiful brand. I have discovered the pretty ruffled blouses some time ago and I am still in love with them. Find the brand at V Fair #22. www.luwa.design 

Lin Apparel – I just love the idea of a half skirt over some cool pants; I fell in love of one of this the first time I encounter Lin Apparel pieces. Fortunately, I will have more time now to explore the whole range at V Fair #22. https://linapparel.com 

Obsidian – “jewerly with intention” is the motto. The intention of seduce all the accessories lovers, of course. I just say: the delicate necklaces from the collection are perfect for sun-kissed skin and white T-shirts. www.obsidian.ro

Lia Essentials – a leather bracelet is that detail you need to slide, without any hesitation, from casual to cocktail outfits. And that’s because Lia leather bracelets are perfect for any moment (read the interview HERE). https://lia-essentials.com 

BOL by Oana Lupaș – there will be no future without the living nature. And the designer captures in her latest collection the power of the vegetal and aquatic world. Try them on! Read the interview with Oana Lupaș about her designs and brand – HERE. www.bolfashionofnature.com

Antante –  because a suit is always a good idea, no matter if is a denim-patched one or a classical navy blue cocktail version. And, for the brands’ fans, don’t worry: the designers still have some hand painted beautiful pieces in their sleeve. https://www.antantedesign.ro

P.S. I would have put on my list some more (Larisa Dragna, Dorin Negrău, Lemnia, Maestoso, Alexandra Nacu, Maestroso, Ginissima, Elida Toma etc …. but I was afraid that my credit card had got scared. 🙂 See you at the fair! 

Photography: V Fair #22 


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