The endless perspectives of a leather bracelet: interview with the designer behind LIA 

When I looked for the first time at LIA leather bracelets, memories from high school came instantly into my mind. And that’s because (as a girl in a theoretical class), I played the rock’n roll muse part. Or… a rock’n roll kind of girl, with ripped jeans and Metallica T-shirts. And, of course, some leather bracelets on my hand. My leather bracelets weren’t so nice as LIA ones, you could imagine. 🙂 And I wanted to meet Viorela Lucescu, the designer behind LIA brand. I will tell you a secret: if you want to see, live, the bracelets, you should go to MATERIA leather fair this weekend.

LIA items could be found on, on Facebook page – HERE. 

Over 45 designers will present at MATERIA leather fair – between 4th and 5th of November 2017, at Dalles, Bucharest. Facebook page of the event – HERE. 

LIA black bracelet

Leather because…

I chose leather because of its authenticity. Every piece is one of a kind.
Leather is a versatile, durable and prestigious material that ages in a noble way. I believe we all share a great connection with this material since early ages of mankind.

Bracelets because… 

I love bracelets because they are timeless pieces, an intimate companion always (literally) TAKING PULSE of the experiences we have made and the performances we have achieved.

The collection that will be presented at MATERIA was inspired by…

The collection is called PERSPECTIVES and represents a reinterpretation of LIA’s letters. I used mostly geometric shapes like pyramid, square, bar, cross mingled  in a spatial relationship. PERSPECTIVES encourages vision, looking further than appearance and challenging the perception of space.

LIA leather jewellery

Your first encounter with leather & the fashion world was…

Once upon a time, back in the late 90’s, I had my first interaction with leather craft and bracelet creation. Inspired by the thrills of my high school love, I have conceived and offered the first leather bracelet as a symbol of my affection. An old shoe maker form my small town introduced me to this wonderful material in my attempt to create a memorable present.
First experience with fashion was around the same age. I got my first fashion collection presented as a project in my high school. My girlfriends were models and high school colleagues my first buyers. I grew up in a time and place where access  to fashion was very poor and the choices too narrow. So I decided to wear and also sell my own design dresses manufactured by local small tailor shops. It was so much fun.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays…

Setting up a sustainable business behind his creations.

Your best personal fashion moment was… 

Getting recognition from fashion industry experts winning BEST LEATHER BRAND award offered by DS by Elle.

LIA burgundy leather

The favorite season/city/music for inspiration are…

… spring /Greece/ Ludovico Einaudi.

Your dream made out of leather would look like this… 

A successful business combining art with the excellence of this material.

The remedy for an inspiration gap would be…

… falling in love.

The icon piece in your LIA collection will always be…

… the WRAP CHARM BRACELET/ Cozy Sunday Category.

Viorela Lucescu, for short… Vio☺.

MATERIA conference Viorela Lucescu

Photography: LIA /


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