My beauty crush: the thermal water products of Ivatherm

Some people love glitter. Others cannot live without a red lipstick. I wanna confess something else: my (always) beauty crush will be the thermal water. No matter if it is a spray, an eye cream, a light face cream or a micellar water. Basically, that’s the reason I fell in love with thermal water dermatocosmetic products of Ivatherm. And because my super sensitive & dry skin was so happy with them. 🙂

You could buy the dermatocosmetic products on Or in pharmacies.
My favourites: Aquafil Hydra Complex Gel for the eyes; Herculane Thermal Water spray; Micellar Lotion and the Aquafil Hydra Light SPF30 Hydrating cream. 

My experience with Ivatherm…

… has started with the thermal water spray. Just because I loved thermal waters sprays (and I’ve been using them for like 15 years now) and I wanted to try a new one. Ivatherm one was so, so nice, with an optimal mineral content, rich in minerals and bacteriologically pure water. Then, I wanted to see how the eye cream is working. Aquafil Hydra Complex Gel eye contour cream was super-light and hydrating; and has protected me against of UV radiations while I was on the beach, in Bulgaria. Finally, I tried the micellar lotion for removing the make-up (pretty good, even with the most stubborn mascara) and the Aquafil Hydra Light SPF30 cream (very soft and hydrating). In a word, there were just a perfect match for my superdry and sensitive skin. 

The qualities of thermal water in Ivatherm products are…

  • The thermal water emerges into a protected National Park, with no urban or industrial pollution; the natural environment helps to maintain the high purity levels of the water.
  • Its mineral composition has benefits for the skin. This water has high concentrations of: calcium, copper + magnesium, known to be anti-inflammatory and not to aggravate allergies; manganese and selenium, which help to protect against the damage done by free radicals in the body; zinc and iron, which are known for their role in the body’s healing processes. 

The legendary thermal water of Herculane…

… has more than one version. My favourite? That one with Hercules, who was heading into battle with the Hydra, and he stopped at the springs for a soothing dip. He was said to have gained new powers, and it didn’t end well for the Hydra. For centuries after that, people made pilgrimages to the springs, hoping to gain from the water’s restorative powers. From emperors and empresses to the Roman aristocracy, many made the journey to Herculane.