The 5 new places I have discovered in Bulgaria this summer

Half an hour after the Romanian border, a new & fascinating landscape is ready to be discovered. I had the luck to stay more than just a weekend in Bulgaria. And (thanks, no thanks) to some rainy days, I have discovered that Bulgaria has more than the Kaliakra cape and the mussel farm from Dalboka. Here they are: the 5 new things I have discovered in Bulgaria this summer.

The St. Constantine & Elena resort
I fell in love from the first step. The entire resort is very well groomed and full of green: cool alleys to walk by, pines, a fresh and a salty air, a lot of little bays to hide from the world, even a Neptune statue blocked somewhere in the middle of the sea. Be prepared for a photo spam! 

To stay: Astor Garden Hotel –
Interesting: The Aqua House Thermal & Beach – a huge complex (6.000 square meters) with thermal waters, Spa, saunas, waterpools and more. – 
To eat & drink: the best bar is The Bay – the view is amazing and the food delicious. Book a table at the upper floor – 
To try: the ginger shot from the raw bar So Fresh, close to Primorski Hotel. Take it easy – is the strongest ginger shot I have ever tried. –
For the evening: Radjana Beach – kind of a Nikki Beach feeling on the Black Sea coast. – 

The other landscapes 
Tyulenovo – the place where you feel like you are somewhere in Ireland (except for the cold wind). Try a walk on the amazing rocks and some mussels and shopska salad at Tyulenova Bar & Restaurant. After lunch, a visit to Shabla Lighthouse is perfect.

Tuzlata – the lake and the healing mud. The tiny resort is very charming, in a 40s kind of way. You could choose to tan by the lake or by the seaand you could finish the day at one of the cute terraces. 

The surfers beach Kabakum. Yes, you read it correctly: there are some surfers beaches in Bulgaria. The closest to Romania (and Balchick) are those from Shabla and Kabakum Beach – clear water and some wind. The bars & tiny restaurants from the beach are pretty nice, as well.

The Euxinograd Palace – seems beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit it, because… you need to be a group of 20 (organised and prior announced) to get inside. But here is the site to sign in – maybe you (and your 19 friends) will get luckier than me. 🙂 – 

The vegetation 
After the border, you feel like it is an entire different landscape there. The Mediterranean vegetation – the incredible green of the fields, wild fig trees, some cacti and the gigantic dandelions make the trip a wonder. Don’t forget all those beautiful lavender fields! 

The Balchik shore 
It is incredible how nice & well put together is the shore – the walking (and bicycling lane) is going all the way to Albena. The sunset in perfect for Instagram snaps here 🙂 and The Balchick Palace and the Botanical garden are the places to visit on a rainy day.
Places to stay and eat: Hotel Mistral & its Francis Drake restaurant ( and Antik Hotel & Restaurant.
For coffee: Macaroon Coffee. 

The golf resorts 
Blacksearama & The Thracian Cliffs & The Lighthouse resorts – the golden trio on the Balchik shore. 
The best burger & Shopska salad: 19th hole, at Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort. (
The coolest beach: Argata Beach at Thracians Cliffs Golf & Sea Resort (
The best place to walk around? Definitely, Lighthouse (at Thracian, unless you are a golfer, there are many restricted areas for pedestrians). 

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