How could you find beauty in chaos? C&A spring/summer 2024 collection offers a perfect answer 

Denim over denim, handcrafted pieces with social implication, black& white wit a twist, gigantic hats and a lot of beautiful clothes that bring us closer to the hot season – this is how C&A spring/summer 2024 collection –  presented in its denim factory in Mönchengladbach – looked like. How could you find beauty in chaos? C&A spring/summer 2024 collection offers a perfect answer.

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The C&A products will be available in the spring on the dedicated stores –

Of course, it is not only about fashion and amazing clothes. It is also about other three major elements that made the presentation perfect. 

First, it is about responsibility – social projects that involve communities.
Secondly, I have to tell you about sustainability manifest – in this denim Factory for Innovation in Textiles (FIT), that serves as a creative HUB to investigate new and highly efficient production methods, C&A aims to provide jeans for the European market that are made applying new digital technologies, renewable energies and innovative techniques such as laser and nebulization to significantly reduce the water needed for production.
Thirdly, it was about the encouraging new talents to create beautiful things – a curated art exhibition called “The relevance of denim in history and society – from workwear to the most democratic fashion garment for everybody and all occasions, no matter which shape & size”. This exhibition gave a stage to ten selected students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. C&A supported the students with denim fabric pieces, denim trousers and denim accessories provided by FIT.
Add to that some perfect live music – Mickael Karkousse, bandleader of the award-winning Belgian Electro band GOOSE, collaborated with Reinhard Vanbergen, classical musician and composer for the runway music. 

About C&A spring/summer 2024 collection

The new collection, named “Finding Beauty in Chaos”, focuses on making the everyday occasion something fashionable and modern with ready-to-wear styles. The four trend topics are: New Iconics, Raw Simplicity, Maximal Abundance and Culture Exchange.

1. With “New Iconics” C&A reinvents classics like the logomania capsule and shows the contrast between smart and casual styles, masculine and feminine silhouettes rounded up by staple colors like black, white and denim blue.

2. The bridge between urban life and nature is represented by “Raw Simplicity”. Raw textures, utility and workwear looks in dark olive green and bright chartreuse, as well as a migration to the countryside, can be found on the curated looks.

3. The “Culture Exchange” collection shows heritages, craftmanship and folklore skills from around the world. The looks are embellished with graphic prints, fringes, and tassels. One of the highlights is that C&A partnered up with Rangsutra, a social enterprise in India for gender equity. Together with the Indian women, C&A created an amazing, authentic capsule collection. These high-quality hand-embroidered pieces were shown at the Fashion Show for the first time and will hit selective stores all over Europe in April 2024. With that, C&A emphasizes its commitment to supporting women and artisans in their vision of positively impacting Indian communities.

4. The “Maximal Abundance” collection features styles with floral and fruits elements, romantic plissé and ruffles. Spring feels within reach with intense colors like burnt orange, raspberry pink and magenta.

“While having explored our heritage and history, we are now defining our future. We want to build that bridge with the clear goal to design a future where we can all be our true selves. From human to human – simply better together!Finding beauty in the everyday chaos, isn’t that what we are all looking for? We continue to produce qualitative, affordable fashion for the many. We make our customers look, feel and do good.”, says Mandy Hendriks, Head of Creative Women.

About C&A Europe – With over 1,300 stores in 17 European countries and more than 27,000 employees, C&A is one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers. Every day, C&A welcomes millions of visitors to its stores in Europe and to its online shop. C&A offers quality and long-lasting fashion at affordable prices for all.

Photography: C&A. 

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