Fall weekend’s inspiration

Even if I don’t like cold weather and rain, I find out fall to be beautiful, in a way. Sunny but chilly mornings, with orange leaves crushing under my feet in the park and the sweet smell of pumpkins and roasting chestnuts… And it may represent a perfectly good reason to look for new clothes, accessories or beauty products. How does my ideal (but rainy weekend) will look like? Well…

Step 1: Just to get in the mood for shopping: a pistachio eclair from Casa Victoria Floreasca candy store (59, Banul Antonache street); I tell you, nothing is better to give you a boost of energy. Then, a visit to Casa Frumoasa (www.casafrumoasa.ro): I look forward to see the newest collection that entered the store: Rochas, Manuel Facchini and (my favorite!) Ermanno – Ermanno Scervino. I am already in love with a elegant jacket from the last one!

Step 2: a suitcase full with the essential kit for a warm and cosy days.
* a good pair of super comfy jeans from Diesel’s fall/winter collection, the model Activista from JoggJeans line;
* a checked-pattern wool coat from Marks&Spencer in fall shades (https://www.facebook.com/marksandspencerromania);
* a cool pair of shoes from Pony Hair collection from Il Passo (www.ilpasso.ro);
* a sensitive cream with bio ingredients from the new brand in town, Natùrys (https://www.facebook.com/NaturysRomania.ProfessionalBrands);
* a body cream from Dove Derma Spa line: so soft and nice with the skin damaged by the cold weather;
* a pair of earrings from Pandora fall 2015 collection (www.pandora.net);
* a perfect bracelet with Majorica pearls (www.bb-shop.ro).

Step 3: a visit for a Spa treatment of my hair. At The Studio, where the SP Luxe Oil products with keratin finally get the sparkling back into my locks. And put a smile on my face.