5 cool art exhibitions to see this fall

The second part of Art Safari, new artists, cool installations and a lot of interesting things to see: these are the highlights of this beginning of the fall. Below, the most 5 interesting & cool art exhibitions (and places) to put into your agenda. 

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AnnArt Gallery – just few days more to see the ceramic exhibition. Anca Vintilă Dragu, Mădălina Teler, Tiberiu Dăncilă, Diana Butucariu, Victor Costache, Marius Stanciu are the artists on display with their artistic dreams shaped as ceramics at AnnArt Contemporary – @annartcontemporary. (until 3rd  of September). 

The second part of Art Safari 2022 is starting soon. And it is full of surprises. The first one – the collaboration between Art Safari and Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The second – the artworks that are going to be on display, signed by John Constable – “Seeking Truth: The Art of John Constable”. The third – the Romanian pavilion, with 3 exhibitions, with artworks from Ștefan Popescu, Lilian Theil, Mihai Mureșan. And, not the last, a contemporary Korean exhibition, Korean Beauty. Poster Art – Byoungil Sun. (tickets on www.artsafari.ro, from 23rd of September to 11th of December 2022 at Palatul Dacia Romania)

Dedham Lock & Mill; by John Constable (1776 – 1837); English; 1820. Oil on canvas.
Ștefan Popescu – Apus de Soare la Chioggia

Share, Tag or Dye installation – an interactive project. More than 200 artists from all over the world have contributed at this project with links from their social media account for a collective installation. Basically, the project is meant to explore the relation between the art wok and the self promotion of the artistic projects on new media of today. All the links were included in the installation and, at the end, the whole project was transposed in the physical format using a photographic technique. 3-4 of September 2022, at VAGon , a space in Atelierele Malmaison (Calea Plevnei nr. 137C, etaj 2, Bucharest) – @atelierele_malmaison. More info about Share, Tag or Dye is available on Facebook page Allkimik.

A talented young artist proposes a new & powerful exhibition at IOMO Gallery. “Praying for the Snow” is the name of the exhibition of Remus Grecu (curated by Alice Zucca). Decipher the messages from the paintings from 15th of September to 18th of October, at IOMO Gallery – @iomogallery. 

A cool exhibitions is waiting for us at Galateca. Some dozens of pieces from “I am Virus” of Mic Răzvan Dan, who tried to capture the pandemic period in a multiple artworks – from paintings to sculptures and drawings, brought to life into various spaces (until 9th of September 2022). @galateca. 

Art in Progress is already at its forth edition. It starts at 1st of September, at The Institute space at Combinatul Fondului Plastic and it brings together 23 artists from all disciplines – painting, fashion design, sculpture, photography, graphic and object design and more. The concept is called „Intermedium” and the artists are: Alexandru Ranga, Alina Madlen Badeanu, Arina Bican, Anca Vintila Dragu, Andreea Baban, Beatrice Duman, Benjamin Bledea, Bogdan Nica, Carmen Belean, Catalina Cosma, Cristian Frone, Cristian Gabriel Virtej, Decebal Gabriel Taroi, Elisia Tirnoveanu, Elena Pirvu, Ingrid Helena, Ioana Casapu, Irina Radulescu, Octavia Chiru, Otto Constantin, Silvia Dobre, Silviana Radulescu, Sinziana Cosoianu. Plus: a jazz festival 16-18 September. Details – here.