Brâncuși in drawings from citizens of the world: an awesome exhibition by @Daniel Rădulescu at @Galateca

Until I saw all those drawings on the huge wall at Galateca, I could have never imagined that so many people, from so many countries, could know and love our Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși and his works. It is impressive to see drawings of Coloana Infinitului, Domnișoara Pogany or Pasărea Măiastră by people from Burkina Fasso, Philippines, Cuba, Canda, Mozambique, Uzbekistan and so so many others… 200 drawings of Brâncuși works from citizens of the world!

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At Galateca – – until 20th of February – 200 drawings are exposed. They were selected from more than 1.000 art works made at Dubai Expo 2020.

The international workshop was put together by the Romanian sculptor, Daniel Rădulescu. @daniel.radulescu.sculptures. 

All for Unity is a charitable initiative that support Teach for Romania.  

“I wished to have the biggest workshop dedicated to Brâncuși at Dubai Expo 2020 and I did it! I spent over 288 hours in Romanian pavilion and I have interacted with more than 15.000 people. I selected only 500 drawings and I brought them in Romania. The Exhibition Art For Unity continues the story of Brâncuși and I hope to have a good impact on education”, said the sculptor Daniel Rădulescu, the man that made this project possible.  

I talked with Daniel Rădulescu (who exposed, at Dubai Expo 2020, a project entitled All for Unity) about the idea and the stories that moved him. 

Why Brâncuși? 

Because he is ours and he deserve to be seen and be drawn by the whole planet. 

The first idea about this project appeared when…

When I was surrounded by people from all around the globe and I was thinking of a way to involve all of them, because this is what the sculpture “All for Unity” represent.

In the end, the project looked a little bit different from the beginning 🙂 because…

Yes, indeed, because I saw how many great drawings were made, so I wanted to have more people from totally different places. At first, my goal was to involve 50 countries, after 2 weeks the goal became 100 countries, a very difficult task but I did it. People were actually very excited about the idea of this global workshop and knowing more about our sculptor Brâncuși.

The most touching story related to a drawing was…   

Every single one has a great and touching story behind, but one of my favourite was from a two years old little girl from India, named Nivrithi; she wanted to draw too, but she was too small to stay at the table, I had to improvise something for her, so I placed a sheet of paper on the wall for her height, she smiled and laugh all the time, at the end she hug me.

Your personal favourite drawing of all is… 

I think it was the drawing made by a calligrapher from Egypt; at the beginning, he didn’t want to participate because he said he cannot draw, but I motivate him by letting him create the drawing using only calligraphy words. Another great story was from a guy from Japan, a very interesting personality – he had all clothes green, and this was his watermark, wearing green all the time. So for him I had only one rule: he can only use the colour green. 

You would like to continue this project / this exhibition with… 

What is happening right know – all of them in one single place with one single purpose, to support the education of children in disadvantaged environments, I believe this is the right ending. Therefore, I don’t see continuing this project, it’s time for a new one, a new concept with a new purpose.


If you want to take part of this unique project, donate at least 50 euro for Teach for Romania organization and you will receive one of those 200 works. More info on

The countries that are represented in the gigantic workshop dedicated to Constantin Brâncuși are… 

Albania/ Algeria/ Angola/ Saudi Arabia/ Armenia/ Australia/ Austria/ Azerbaijan/ Afghanistan/ Bahamas/ Bahrain/ Bangladesh/ Barbados/ Belarus/Bolivia/ Brazilia/ Bulgaria/ Burkina Faso/ Cameron/ Canada/ Chicago/ China/ Columbia/ Croatia/ Cuba/ Danemarca/ Ecuador/ Egypt/ Switzerland/ Ethiopia/ France/ Gabon/ Germania/ Ghana/ Grecia/ Ierusalim/ India/ Indonezia/ Iran/ Iraq/ Irlanda/ Italia/ Japonia/ Jordan / Kazakhstan/ Kenia/ Korea/ Kosovo/ Kuwait/ Kyrgyzstan/ Latvia/ Lebanon/ Lituania/ Luxemburg/ Lybia/ Macedonia/ Madagascar/ Malaysia/ Maldives/ Mexic/ Moldova/ Monaco/ Mongolia/ Morocco/ Mozambic/ Nepal/ Niger/ Nigeria/ Norvegia/ Oman / Pakistan/ Palestina/ Philippines/ Portugalia/ Qatar/ Romania/ Russia/ SUA/ Seychelles/ Serbia/ Singapore/ Slovacia/ Somalia/ South Africa/ Spania/ Sri Lanka/ St Kitts and Nevis/ Sudan/ Syria/ Tajikistan/ Taiwan/ Tunisia/ Turcia/ Turkmenistan/ UAE/ Uganda/ Ucraina/ United Kingdom/ Uzbekistan/ Venezuela/ Yemen/ Zambia/ Zimbawe.