On the wish list: Folie à Plusieurs fragrances

A scent that evokes an entire movie. A perfume inspired by the most interesting characters in cinematography. A collection made for special days. That is, for short, the description of Folie À Plusieurs. Inspired by the psychiatric syndrome “Folie à Deux”, conceptualized in 19th century French psychiatry in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. Folie à Plusieurs has taken this condition of “shared madness” as a creative process for the manner in which each scent is realized.

Folie À Plusieurs (Indigo Mood, Love Exposure, Daisies) 609 lei,  Beautik Haute Parfumerie, www.beautik.ro.

The perfume company created the special scents in collaboration with prominent international artists and visionary perfumers. Each olfactive project begins with an artists idea for an artwork (a film, literary piece, score, painting, performance art piece, et cetra), then the perfumer works in parallel with this artist to realize a fragrance that captures the experience or complements this art piece.

Mood Indigo: red pepper, camomile

Daisies: green apple, watermelon, hazelnuts, peach

Love Exposure: musk, sandal, vanilla


“The perfume has to be your best friend”, says David Benedek, founder of BDK Parfums