What’s your NOËL superpower? 

What if a gift would be something unexpected? Something that will give you powers? Something that brings superpowers to the receiver and a lot of joy to the the one who gives? What if not only Santa Claus would have the superpower to travel around the globe bearing gift in just one night? What if you can offer some superpowers to your friends and family? 

NOËL fair – designer gifts – 15th December 2018 (11.00) to 16th December 2018 (20.00), at The Institute Space (Bd. Dacia 12)
NOËL fair – all the designers on Facebook page – CLIK HERE. 

Give your friends and family (or make yourself a Christmas surprise) some powers for…

… finishing the projects in time 

All you need is a beautiful watch from NOAH, a Romanian brand of cool watches. And yes, they are made out of wood, and that is so important in a nature-sustainable-fashionable world of today. You can choose to personalise the watch in a dozen ways. https://noah-watch.com 

noah watches

… putting a smile on your love’s one face

And you can do that with a gorgeous brooch or a ring from Andreia G. Popescu “SugarOFF” collection. I don’t know about you, people, but I guess I won’t need sugar in my tea anymore! Brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings are made in silver, bronze and gold. http://www.andreia-popescu.ro/index.html 

andreia popescu

… telling the most beautiful stories of the winter

And for that you only need some gifts from Utopic Art collection. From the necklaces, rings or earrings of this collection you can invent new and wonderful winter stories. Yep, fairytales are not just for children! https://utopicart.blogspot.com/

utopic art

… organising everything better

It is possible, of course. And really, the only superpower you need is to buy a bag from Simina Filat new collection. And that is because all her bags are incredible organised for everything you need in a day – keys, here, notebook, other there, laptop, done! Zip up and get ready for a new day at work! https://www.siminafilat.ro

simina filat

… geting more confidence in themself

And girls, what is better for that than some amazing high heels red pumps? Ginissima shoes are ready for the best parties of the season. I just love those in red or sparkling silver. Put them on (or give them to your best friend) and the person who wear them will be ready to conquer the world. https://www.ginissima.com 


… having the power to dream of new worlds 

I will do that with an amazing piece of jewellery imagined by the Greek artist Erato Kouloubi. As the artist said “I design jewellery that assembles in an abstracted shape, creating a multitude of viewpoints plus a multitude of applications. Originally what leads me in making innovative forms is that I am interested in the reflection of the viewer.” http://eratokouloubi.com/

Erato Kouloubi

… finding your inner balance

The ideal gift will be a product from Tămada line – bath salts, natural oils and creams, all made out of medicinal herbs and natural ingredients, all made in Romania. Bring the nature into your friends home, give them the superpower of being zen and healthy. https://www.facebook.com/Tamada.bio/


Photography: courtesy of NOËL fair


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