K is for kimonos. The story of beautiful K-ONO kimonos 

When I try to be zen, I’ll need a white room. If I want to be happy, I will require tons of coffee, flowers and some glossy magazines. And if I wish to feel good in a gloomy day, a cello concert by Shostakovich and a silky soft cozy kimono will do the job. Therefore, there is no coincidence that I have discovered a cool & wonderful Romanian brand, K-ONO. K is for kimonos. I talked to Alina Frunte-Lată & Andreea Panait, the founders of the wonderful brand K-ONO, about inspiration, architectural clothes that tell a story. 

Find the kimonos on the official website: www.k-ono.com & Instagram @kono.privilege, Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pg/konoprivilege.

kono kimono flowers back

Why kimonos? 

Most of the time, the clear lines items manage to confront the test of time and attend the one who wear them in various moments. More exactly, our preference for kimono was born from our personal preference of owning a statement, yet soft piece which could meet the demands of a dynamic and unexpected context, suitable with the life vibration of a modern woman, always performing. We appreciate the kimono’s capability of complying to a casual outfit, likewise being a source of incitement for a particular circumstance emphasising femininity.

kono kimono pink

The story of KONO has started with… 

Not having the privilege of buying it, although the need of creating it – in order to wear it. We imagined it as a personal investment handcrafted in silk.

The most improbable (but yet perfect) place / occasion to wear a kimono would be…  

Inside the comfort of your own home, genuinely owning a moment of spoiling yourself. K-ONO Kimono was conceived as an instrument of personality. The assemblage of tailoring pattern, the peculiarity of the print, and the way each of us can express herself through this piece becomes a personal challenge.

kono kimono pnk detail

How are kimonos and architecture related?

Architecture has the habit of  “building” the responsibility for a well-done work, it encourages creativity to raise and develop, along with bringing support for the passion of discovering what you can differently generate through knowledge and skills. Therefore, K-ONO leans on these three ingredients which led us in framing it as a brand. 

kono kimono blue

The movie I should watch / the music I should listen before I start wearing kimonos as an everyday outfit…

Every time the word ”kimono” comes to mind – there is an almost instant connection with the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” due to the femininity and elegance they infuse with every gesture. Yet being a reinterpreted piece of a traditional Japanese kimono, seems effortless to wear K-ONO kimono as an accessory of your own personality – depending of moment feels and context. In terms of music, each of us reveals the essence of her personality listening to a certain cadence depending on the state of mind. 

kono kimono blue detail

About you… 

The teamwork we have developed through our architectural projects led us naturally to creating K-ONO. While Andreea likes to have an overview about the next steps of work and „to be in control” by always considering a plan, Alina is the one committed to finding solutions in managing a situation when the unexpected occurs. This complementarity also helps us to develop the other projects we prepare, and makes it very easy in leading forward. 

Photography: www.dreamingof.net 


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