The devil is a woman. Or at least the designer of Portnoy Beso says so

The art of mid 20th century, the old Hollywood movies and female icons of the time such as Marlene Dietrich were the inspiration points for AW 17/18 collection of Portnoy Beso.

I know, it’s still summer and we hardly think of anything than pink cocktails by the pool. But still, some images on a Facebook page caught my eyes. And, of course, why not admit? “The devil is a woman” is a strong punchline. No matter how anybody decides to look at. Therefore, I had to see more…

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Portnoy Beso AW1718 collection

“The heroine of this collection is a shocking type of beautiful and charming woman, both vicious and innocent, provocatively sexy and unapproachable. Every woman can afford to show the dark side of herself no matter what she does during the day and what kind of lifestyle has”, says the creative director of the brand, Beso Turazashvili. The AW17/18 Portnoy Beso collection emphasis on the waist with the light corsets that move down to the hip line adding some volume. I just loved the sharp dresses ain bold colours (bloody red, bright green, platinum, silver and rich purple well-cut jackets, as well as the silk pants in snow-white or beige.

Portnoy Beso AW1718 collection

Portnoy Beso is a Georgian–Russian ready–to–wear brand based in Moscow. The founder and creative director Beso Turazashvili brought his vision to Russia after having lived in Dubai and New York where he worked for Stella McCartney.

Photography: Portnoy Beso (


The most beautiful scarf of the summer is named INNANGELO