Back to School: interview with the designer of Za Scoolarz brand 

When I was in school, there were some says when I hated homework, waking up in the morning and history classes. Now, I wish I could be a kid again. Not only for the opportunities, the free time and the colleagues, but also for the cool clothes that nowadays generation could wear at school. As Za Scoolarz items. I talked to Silvia Paval, the designer behind the brand, about the fashion of the new generation and the kids of today.


Za Scoolarz collections could be seen on Instagram @zascoolarz (, in Molecule F Concept Store, Promenada Mall and on

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Why Za Scoolarz? When and how the brand has started? 

Za scoolarz essence has always been in the creative DNA of Silvia and it was only a matter of time before it came to the surface. The brand was born exactly one and a half years ago as a graduation collection. By accessing information from collective consciousness, then looking at them through the eyes of an ironic schoolgirl, the brand translates the state of the present time. This approach is based on senses and connections that do not seem to have any meaning, at first glance.

So, Za Scoolarz  aims to identify and translate new human attitudes and the fresh and subtle changes in the current society. The title begins with the schoolers. The word was replaced by Za (a misspelling, mostly encountered by the adult generation, used by teens in a sarcastic way), chool (from school) with cool, consonance s (plural schoolers) with the letter Z (from Z generation).

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I was never been cool in school, All kids are winners, Gender Fluid – your items could be names of teenage movies, as well. Why do you choose to name every item of your designs? 

The names of Za Scoolarz products come naturally, they stand for the conceptual design of the project. What’s interesting about Za Scoolarz is that the brand has so much personality that we do not have to do too much, just let it show up. So, we made a pact to remain faithful to the teens, to the young people. Why? We like them and we feel that it mutual.

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Your first love story with fashion was… 

I have a special relationship with clothes since forever and I love the way you can use them to build an image according to your personality. To be honest, the fashion itself did not really interest me, but I was in love with stories. That’s why I say Za Scoolarz is not a brand, it’s a story.

Your favourite item from Za Scoolarz brand is…

I love them all, I feel good wearing them. They give me superpowers.

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The forbidden item in Generation Z wardrobe is… 

What’s cool about this generation is that everything is allowed. You can wear anything (yes, anything) as long as you do it and to fit your personality and attitude. We do not have “well dressed” and “bad dressed” anymore. Yuhuu, it was the time!

The absolute fashion icon is… 

Wednesday Adams from Adams family, Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums, Rogue -X-man. They are my fashion icons. <3

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Your collections will always include… 

Preppy skirts, white collars.

If your clothes could be a music theme, they would be…

Pink Floyd – We don´t need no education.

za scoolarz jacket

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What is next? 

Za Scoolarz, before being a clothing brand, it’s a wonderful project that intends to deliver quality information. The natural course is to deliver this information to the entire world. So, be ready to hear more and more of Za Scoolarz. It’s supercool! 🙂

About Silvia, on short… 

Silvia is a graduate of UnARTE Bucharest, the Moda – Fashion Design section. Silvia is tired of term “fashion” and she wants to find an alternative. So she proposes a new approach, based on thinking and feeling. And because she thinks that the bet way to know the news is to look closely at street fashion, she approach, in a very personal way (one marked by urban experiences, but also by a detailed observation of changes in mentality, attitude and lifestyle of the young generation), issues as education, freedom of expression, courage to be authentic in a society dominated by social preconceptions and restrictions.

za scoolarz brand

Alina Aliman & Silvia Paval

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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