The perfect architecture of a fashion brand: interview with Maestoso designer

Art, sculpture, Brancusi & architecture: it is the perfect mix to catch all my attention. And the new-in-town prodigy child of Romanian fashion did it, for sure. First I saw the Maestoso bags: with a clean cut, with flawless lines. Then I fell in love with the beautiful pieces of jewellery, inspired by Brancusi amazing works. And finally I’ve noticed the most interesting scarfs. Therefore, I wanted to know more.

So, I talked with Claudia Tecuceanu, Creative Director & Founder of Maestoso, about inspiration, architecture and fashion design. “Probably all my upcoming designs will have a story to express with its core based in architecture, sculpture, painting or any other form of art.”

The Maestoso products could be found on…. the online platform and offline in thier Bucharest studio. Also follow the brand on Instagram @maestoso_design. 

Why Maestoso? The name makes me take a step back 🙂 I wait for a giant to show up 🙂

Our brand’s name was inspired by an Italian term used as a direction in music, in a majestic and distinguished manner. It symbolises and emphasises our craftsmanship and innovative design. We are still a small independent brand, dreaming about becoming that giant.

You are an architect. And that is obvious, looking at the shapes. But, from your point of view, which were the most important details borrowed from architecture into your fashion designs? 

My approach towards designing every Maestoso piece can be described by the famous aphorism “Less is more”, a principle stated by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, probably the most influential architect of the 20th century.
This theory is about achieving better design through simplicity, an aesthetic sensibility where every element serves multiple purposes, both visually and functionally. It is about getting to the essence of things, and create not simply shapes, but concepts and stories in every design.

How did your brand start? What was the first image on the moodboard and what was the first object that was sold? 

After finishing my master’s degree in architecture back in 2015, I decided to give life to Maestoso, a brand with a minimalist and deeply art-inspired approach.
When designing an object, my method of creating is a bit different and somehow peculiar. I almost never sketch multiple versions to get to the final result. I transform and mold concepts, lines, shapes, shadows and light, composition in my imagination, and the moment I touch the pencil I know precisely how the piece will look like, and draw it on a blank sheet of paper. Most of the times, the only drawing of that specific item.
For our first collection, I had in mind the simplicity of basic geometric shapes. The hero piece of that collection was the Square bag, in fact the first Maestoso bag to be sold. 

What is so special about a Maestoso bag? Name 5 features that make it unique. 

Timeless. Sustainable. Sculptural. Quality. Ethical. All are equally as important, no hierarchy.
We focus on developing a new kind of luxury, one that seeks to slow the fashion cycle, a luxury that celebrates artisan craftmanship. We are energized by designs we can invest in now and wear forever. 

Brancusi, Bauhaus, Golden Ratio – the scarfs are, again, all related to the great sculpture & architecture field. Why? And what comes next?  

I actually don’t struggle or seek to find inspiration in the arts field, I just think it has a massive force of attraction on me, and keeps pulling me in that direction.
Just like it has been so far, probably all my upcoming designs will have a story to express with its core based in architecture, sculpture, painting or any other form of art.
The leather, silk, recycled silver and gold will be molded to inspire the future and remember the past. 

They are very minimalist: therefore, if your jewelry could sing, the music would be… 

It would definitely be a song with a soul, Ludovico Einaudi – Experience. It is music without words, and yet it somehow manages to reveal and capture everything.
Just like our jewelry encapsulate entire stories in their minimal design and are created to store and inspire mementos, this song runs you through so many intense emotions. There is enormous power in simplicity.

Your signature piece for Maestoso will always be…

The bags harmonious, geometric shapes coupled with flawless, minimalist surfaces and the unexpected handle play a major part in Maestoso’s timeless and intriguing aesthetic. The metallic handle is our signature that we kept and developed over time. For our recent Infinity Collection, it is used as a metaphor for the infinite and the eternal, with no beginning and no end, the circle represents the absolute purity. Timeless and gracefully.

What is next for you? For Maestoso label? 

I will continue working hard and with passion on developing the brand to an even more sustainable and conscious path, while also expanding our market internationally.
We are about to launch an eco-friendly and animal cruelty-free capsule collection using a biodegradable material developed in Mexico from Nopal cactus. 
Most vegan leather products on the market are highly toxic and detrimental to humans and our planet, being made entirely from synthetic materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU), which are produced using dangerous fossil fuels. They also are made from raw materials that do not biodegrade at the end of their use.
Our eco-vegan sustainable leather is produced from mature leaves of the cactus plant, which are harvested around 6-8 months. No irrigation systems are used as the cacti grow healthy with rain water and earth minerals found in the area. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also healthy for human wear and truly environmentally sustainable.

Claudia Tecuceanu, designer Maestoso