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“Go and see it! It is very rock’n roll”, Thierry (La Maison du Frêne) told me on my last day of holiday on the Côte d’Azur. And it was! Amazing exhibition, totally different from all the things you see and very shocking, compared to all the soft and delicate paintings that you expect in a gallery in Provence. So, thanks for the advice, because I have spent two beautiful hours in the Musee de Vence.

“Ainsi soit-il (Amen)” is the name of one particular exibithion held in Vence untill 10th of June. Andres Serrano, the artist we are talking about, is a very controversial artist and the exhibition at Musée de Vence – Fondation Emile Hugues presents some of his works. So, if you are in Vence, leave the lavender for just a second and, between a croissant in the morning and a spleandid dinner at Colombe d’Or in Saint Paul de Vence, pay a visit in the museum of Vence.

About the exibithion: there are 7 parts. “America” is a serie of portraits of people photographed after the sad events of 9/11 (among the fireman, an anonymous hero of the day and a young Miss America stay Snoop Dog and Ethan Hawke). The second one is called “Fluids, Immersions” and is the serie that attracted so many critics. Andres Serrano realised these photos in the ’80s, and they are often fluids that he hide the presence such as blood, saliva, urine, sperm. And he even made a Piss Chirst – an image destroyed by an extremist in 2011 at the Museum of Avignon. The third part is called “Objects of Desire, The Klan” and the forth “The Morgue” – for certain there are no images for the light heart. “The Comedie Francaise” contains a lot of portraits of French commedians, “Cuba – The Nomads” are realized in 2012 when Serrano visited his country and “The Matisse Chapel – The Church” includes a lot of images (for the first time in years) of the Rosary Chapel of Matisse. (

About the artist: Andres Serrano, half Honduran, half Afro-Cuban (born in 1950) has his second exhibition in France, after that one in Avignon, in 2006.








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