Magic and sustainability: into the world of Feeric Fashion Week 2019

At Sibiu Feeric Fashion Week is never only about fashion. It’s about the magic of the atypical places seen along with the beautiful collections, the touching messages revealed by the designers and, of course, about the amazing people that make this event possible. How was the 12th edition of Feeric Fashion Week 2019? Just wonderful, unconventional as ever, with a bit of the hope in a sustainable future.

“Consume less, polute less” was the motto this year. 
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The #sustainability statements

“The Rags Tribe collections are all completely sustainable as all pieces are made from vintage sarees. Upcycling is very important as there are so many beautiful fabric treasures that would otherwise be thrown away”, said to me the designer Dawn Schuster, who presented one of the emotional collections. “The Rags Tribe is a luxury bohemian clothing brand that employs women rescued from sex trafficking. All pieces are made from vintage one of a kind sarees and are curated by me from all across India. My dream is to empower & connect women across the world and make each other feel fabulous! The women making the clothes are starting new lives of freedom in their jobs with us and I am proud to be able to help them & their families. They are a true inspiration of survival and strength.”

rag tribes
The Rag Tribes
Rags Tribe
The Rags Tribe

“My mission is to design styles that will never expire, not just because you get attached to them and develop various incurable addictions, but because you always rediscover them, again and again”, the designer Silvia Șerban said, as well. 

Silvia Serban
Silvia Șerban

Add to that a fashion show which transformed a small river into a runway at Avrig Bruckental Castle, where the models were walking through the cold and sparkling water. This year’s Eduardo Ocantos collection is inspired by Argentinean artist’s paintings and is made with sustainable materials as wool of llamas, dyed with natural colours and combined with silk. 

Eduardo Ocantos
Eduardo Ocantos

What else did I liked?

Pif Stephano and his pink oversized jacket from MONOLOG 20.19 collection, presented at Arrivals terminal at the Sibiu International Airport. The designer proposes an aesthetic represented by a socio-cultural hybrid of the present. (An interview with Pif about his BA collection – here)

Pif Stephano

Bianca Popp – among the planes, moto-planes and delta-planes, was showcased the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Blue Giraffe, a declaration of freedom, casual and romantic dresses, in white and blue.

bianca popp
Bianca Popp

Ramelle collection – in Habermann Square – minimalist, with a feminine design, where fashion meets architecture and futuristic accents.


Feeric Fashion Week Venue – the IED – Time is now collective catwalk. ”The topic of sustainable fashion is not just a fad, but an urgent issue. It inspired IED students, guiding them in the development of their capsule collections”. In collaboration with Feeric Fashion Week and Vfair, a free scholarship in Barcelona was awarded to Diana Daian, the winner of the competition, in collaboration with IED.

Pat Equilux – in the basement of the „Ion Besoiu” Cultural Center – Maelstrom collection, inspired by the inequities between women and men. 

Juan Boleco –  “Lola en la Luna” collection, full of spirits and vapours that breathe Spanish air, showcased it between the flaying skaters at the new and the modern Skatepark in Sibiu.

juan boleco
Juan Boleco

Feeric Fashion Week Gala – in Little Square of Sibiu, in the front of the House of Arts – collections by Aida Lorena, Casi Couture, Irina Akkaya and Chaotic were showcased.

Photography: Alexandru Dragos, Cornel Petrus