A world seen through a collage

She had already an exhibition in London, thousands of followers on Instagram and an invitation to Tokyo International Art Fair in May. Until the Japanese will be able to admire Mihaela Năstase’s work, I talked to her about the collages, the work behind a beautiful project and her plans for the next period. And how social media (Instagram, in this case) help her to get noticed by art scouts so quickly (www.handcutcollage.com).

Mihaela Năstase – her work are available on www.handcutcollage.com

I have to admit that, at first, my hear leapt when I saw some magazines pages cut into little pieces (I wonder then if some of my print projects were already in some collages on the wall). But then I saw some cool works of Mihaela and I started to ask her how and when all has started… “First it was just a play. My brother is passionate about collages and some day he showed me some of Ion Bârladeanu works. And I was like… I can do it! I did it when I was a child. It took me only 5 minutes and I sent him the Madam Antoinette collage. He was surprised, asked me where did I find the collage… and that’s the beginning”, Mihaela told me, while she showed me some childhood memories, with postal cards collaged with drawings and stamps.

colage 1

What was your biggest achievement?
I had an exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in London, and it was successful and I had a lot of requests. And I was invited to exhibit at Tokyo International Fair 2016, in May. Vulkan magazine from UK published some of my works and, until the end of March, I have some of my works on Plot&Coffee Shop (2 Biserica Enei street, Bucharest): all the money resulted from the sales here will go to the charity.
How does the buyer of your works look like?
All the modern art lovers, all those who want to have something interesting to decorate their homes, hotels, coffee shops, public spaces….
You are inspired by… my subconscious ideas.
The most difficult thing when you do a collage is… nothing, if there is passion involved.
The favorite artist… Ion Bârladeanu.
The artist’s perfect day is…
I am a morning person, so I start the day with coffee and a healthy breakfast. Than a sport session comes, for good mood and energy. After that, I start working. In the evening, I like going out to movies or theatre plays and, in the weekends, I like to escape from urban chaos and go somewhere quiet, in the countryside.

colaj 2


Mihaela Năstase

Photography: Dan Garcea / Bizmark, www.handcutcollage.com


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