Emma Năstase – a new voice, artist at Diploma Show 2023 

Things are changing rapidly in our world. So are the fashion trends. But, in a huge pot of designers, exhibitions and trends, there are some voices that can be spotted, heard. And beautiful things can be seen. As the new artists, painters or fashion designers. Fashion Design chapter of Diploma Show 2023 is the place to find your future #fashioncrushes. 

Look closely at the new generation of young Romanian fashion designers and their interesting collections. Today, from the Fashion Design chapter of Diploma Show 2023, I present you Emma Năstase. 

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Follow Emma Năstase – @emma.daniela. Emma is the alumni of MDVTM – read here about the generation of 2023
Diploma Show 2023 – 7-15 octombrie 2023 – programme on Facebook page for DIPLOMA, here. Info on – Instagram and website.

What is the definition of fashion, from your point of view? What does it mean to you, personally?

There’s just so much unspoken dialogue that happens between people just through fashion that I can’t dismiss it as a language, it has to be. I could just roll with the usual “fashion is related to art” statement but that’s just a very pretentious way to put it. Fashion is what you speak when you want to feel cool among other people who are feeling cool themselves. I think it’s just like French, you know? It’s OK if you don’t speak it, but, if you do, people suddenly find you hot.

What is the biggest challenge for a young designer nowadays? 

Not being influenced by too many things, that’s what I call a challenge. It’s about getting stuck in your creative process, except there’s a range: consume any media and you risk losing touch with your very own audience, but then also having one more hour of scrolling through media and mindlessly taking all in – leads to losing meaning of your own. I know for sure this gets artists spiralling.

Tell us why we should look for your pieces at Diploma Show 2023.

They give you a pretty nice idea of what you can do with things you already own, like cotton bedsheets, leftover scraps or leftover thread. These pieces are very likely to trigger some good nostalgia if you ever found yourself emotionally connected to this land. Think of the last time carollers came to your door, all noisy and overly stimulating, then imagine them in a quiet context, much like a shepherd’s field. It’s the memories of our loud, colourful and long-standing culture that you are looking at.

The perfect fashion item for you is… Why?

A quirky tote bag. No one should be deprived of having the opportunity to carry their messiness everywhere. I throw stuff in mine, everywhere and all the time, I look for stuff later, I regret everything and then repeat the cycle. Having an unique special tote draws attention and rummaging desperately through it in public gives off nonchalant feminine energy – a cannon event of the womenhood that we should embrace. 

What is next, for you, this year? Collections, personal projects, exhibitions etc.

I’m definitely moving away from the cultural ground for a bit. Currently, I’m experimenting with some deadstock shiny kitsch fabrics and the concept of an uncurated alter ego. It’s an extended research of me trying to replicate one’s plasticised yet fabulous self. A small fashion collection.