6 exhibitions to see right now in Bucharest

Paintings from Cluj school, beautiful works signed by Fikl, young artists and some cool solo exhibitions. Right: you have one cool exhibition for every day of the week. OK, forget about Monday, nobody want to do anything on Mondays. Here they are, 6 exhibitions to see right now in Bucharest.

Galateca – Neomanisfest Romantic. Identități ale Școlii de la Cluj (Until 8th of June 2021) – @galateca 
Not one, but 36 artists form Cluj art school are present here, in this collective exhibition. Different techniques, different works (from sculpture to paintings and some installations), the exhibition is a must-see one this month. From the artists exposed: Radu Băieș, Georgeta-Olimpia Bera, Ionela Blaj, Răzvan Botiș, Tiziana Bianca Cellino, Botond Gagyi, Cristian Lăpușan, Tincuța Marin, Dan Măciucă, Oana Năstăsache, Anda Roman. 

AnnArt Gallery –  Gheorghe Fikl – Neon Heart (until 3rd of July 2021) – @annartcontemporary
It is his third exhibition of Fikl at AnnArt Gallery and it’s always a wonder. Seven big works (as all signed by one of my favourite artist) bring upfront the “good chamber” from rural houses, that chamber that is preserved as a museum, with a little bit of neon colours and a hint of drama and of course, with his famous domestic animals in the frame.

Estopia Art Gallery – Abstract Mood (until 27th of June 2021) – @estopiaartgallery 
What does abstract mean for young artists and how they fluidly and sensitively oscillate between figurative and abstract you will learn from Marina Aristotel, Gagyi Botond, Mihai Guleș, Madar Reka, Edith Torony & Andrea Tivadar. Six young artists will be on display at Estopia this month and every one of them explores, in their own way and with notes from their special artistic world, the abstract universes and shapes. To see! 

Gaep Gallery – Mircea Stănescu – Meditation Upon Measure – (from June the 5th) – @gaep.gallery
Meditation upon Measure brings new life to the artist’s work from the 1980s. ”In the 1980s you made art because you liked to make art. To rethink the framework, the limits. Experienced in this regard, Mircea Stănescu offers a thematic, stylistic, personal, revelatory account on the nightmare of history, on the power of the body, on lucidity, revolt and materiality.

Mobius Gallery – Codruța Cernea – Paradise of Lost Desires (until 19th of June) – @mobiusgallery
“It is a series that began by simply observing what I draw repeatedly. I hoped it will be like a deep calming exhalation that facilitates a more relaxed exploration. The landscape is always present, in almost all the paintings, there are human profiles, like suspended stripes and contoured hands painted flat, combined in a simple, harmless and tender gestures. For me, they speak about essential emotional human needs, buried, postponed and that cannot be solved or replaced, no matter how well we curate our professional life, material possessions and lifestyle”, says the artist. (Photo credit: Tudor Codre Isac)

Sector 1 Gallery – Invenția Eului / Invention of Me – solo presentation Iulian Mereuță (until 19th of June)  @sector1gallery

The curator of the exhibition, Ami Barak, an independent curator and art critic living in Paris, former president of the International Association of Contemporary Art Curators, characterizes Mereuță (1943-2015). as “an exceptional personality, attested late”, “positioned from the beginning as mentor thinker”. It is an exhibition that bring us back some of his works – minimal approach of things, in black and white.