11 #porcelain Romanian designers to follow

Maybe it’s the fragility feeling, maybe it’s the texture that puts me more close to the object, maybe it’s the joy that lays in the artists’ creations, but one fact is not to deny: I am just simply in love with #ceramic #porcelain jewellery. And I have discovered 11 talented artist (some of them old acquaintances, some  of them new friends): #porcelain Romanian designers to follow. (Up – Jewellery by Maria Paltin, photo by Cristiana Plaian)

Of course I will start with my first love and still one of my favourite designers: Raluca Buzura. Her creations are like some little pieces of art: from the mice necklace (that made it to the cover of one important book of jewellery to the sea creatures – inspired brooches and some delicate flowers. Her creations were in view at some important international exhibitions (including some in Athens, Barcelona and Museum of Arts and Design). @ralucabuzura – READ the interview with Raluca Buzura here. 

Raluca Buzura

RoNativ – a story about ceramics that made me think deeply how patriotism is more than some big statements and a national song. The beautiful ceramic vases told stories about Romania and its potential in pixels (on digital covers) and in ceramic on candle holders and flower vases. Find the pieces on @neogalatecashop – READ the story of this interesting project – here.


Atelierul de Porțelan (Mihaela Cherciu) – when I met the designer I also have discovered some of the most intriguing ceramic pieces – the pear shaped earrings, the laced apples and some flower brooches were on my list from the beginning. @atelieruldeportelan – READ the interview with the designer here. 

Atelierul de Porțelan

Wagner Arte – I know Ana & Irina Wagner for so many years and I am still amazed by the porcelain pieces that Wagner Arte puts on display, every day. I adore all their tea cups and my coffee tastes better in the cup I proudly painted myself… in a worskop some time ago. Check out their shop for more jewellery in porcelain with golden touches. See and buy all the beautiful porcelain pieces (not only jewellery, but a lot of home & deco items) from @wagnerarteshop.  

Wagner Arte

Una ca Luna – a hint of inspiration in a ceramic cup. Or in a pair of cool earrings. I have discovered that Anca Dragu, the designer, not only imagined some interesting cups (the squirrel one is to keep) but also some beautiful earrings. How about some… croissants to wear? Follow @unacaluna1 for more ceramic pieces. 

Una ca Luna

Maria Paltin – I think I could have the whole collections and still wanted some pieces from her. Architect on her background, Maria Paltin imagined an entire floral world in which the butterflies and dragonflies are always welcomed. – @paltin.maria. READ the interview with the designer – here. 

Maria Paltin

Mădălina Andronic – Illustrator and designer, Mădălina Andronic world is full of fairytales, fantastic characters and traditional motifs. Either her drawings are put in a book, in a frame or on ceramic, their fascinations remains still the same. The necklaces with a hint of precious gold are just perfect for this month. Buy the pieces from – @shop.madiandronic.  

Mădălina Andronic

Daniela Făiniș – When ceramic is not only about little things that make your outfit nicer, but your home as well. Daniela Făiniș is one of the artists that I love a lot. Find her ceramic sculpture on @neogalatecashop.

Daniela Făiniș

Ceramic Sparrow – Unique decor pieces, beautiful & colourful vases with an architectural angle, but also a lot of little tiny art pieces encapsulated in some brooches, pendants and earrings. For this spring, I was inspired by the artists’ choice of floral brooches. Follow @ceramicsparrow for more #porcelain inspire. 

Ceramic Sparrow

Alina Ceramics – First, I spotted the cranes and I couldn’t take my yes out of these beautiful birds made out of ceramic. Then, I have noticed the golden sparkles on the coffee mugs and, of course, the lollipop brooches. Check her Instagram account – @alinaceramics.  

Alina Ceramics

Daniela Cățoi – My latest discovery about #ceramic #artists. And a very very nice surprise! I loved the snow drops made out of ceramics, but also I admired (on Instagram, until now, but I cannot wait to see them live) the porcelain beetles, the butterflies rings, the golden feather brooch and the black drip ring. Just awesome! I will certainly put on my favourite list – @danielaktoi. 

Photography: Cristiana Plaian @cristianaplaian


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