Electric love: meet the new Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid

More power, less consumption. Same speed, much care for the planet resources. And practically no worries related to charging. Do you think that is still impossible? Well, you didn’t meet the new hybrid model from Renault. Yet. The Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid.

I forgot to tell you: I had quite a… funny (but not funny) experience with an electric car once. For 2 hours, my driving range was declining with a speed worth of Formula 1 car, while I was freezing, quite incapable to decide if I want to heat my chair or to save the energy until a charging station will (magically) appear on my way. Yes, I know… you could ask me what I was thinking to try a full electric car in the winter and why didn’t I study the charging stations map before I hit the road. Well, I am a girl. I am impulsive. And I am blonde, too, you know 🙂 

But I learnt something from that experience. And I chose differently: a hybrid car. Good job, isn’t it? It was a urban crossover. It’s hybrid and it has more than 160 patents from Renault F1 technology. Could be charged with an electric cable from my kitchen if I would need it. It’s super cute and its name is Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid. More technical details on www.renault.ro.

The pretext for the ride was… a lovely visit and a brunch to one of the cutest places near Bucharest (one hour drive), Domeniul Manasia. It is an old mansion, with a beautiful garden (must-see in the summer), with a delicious menu at the restaurant and the perfect place to take a picture of the new Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid. @renault_romania

The drive was… super fun! As an urban crossover, the new model Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid is perfect to give me the feeling that I can see a little bit more of the road in front of me, without needing a ladder to put me inside the car (as a classical SUV of nowadays might feels). I hate driving in the rain, but the ride was a little bit better with this car – the coffee helped, of course. Not to mention – the full power from the start (backed up from the electric motors) is priceless!

The technology…. is inspired by Formula 1 Renault cars. I should say that E Tech stands for 4-cylinder 1.6L naturally aspirated petrol engine combined with two electric motors. The three engines can operate independently or in concert by directing their energy to the wheels or to the battery. The system thus automatically manages the distribution of energy according to power requirements. In more practical words, its battery charges in 3 to 5 hours, depending on the type of charger, giving it a 100% electric range of 65 km in the city and 50 km on the road. And the fuel consumptions is lower with 40% comparing with a classical gasoline model. 

The exterior is… usually Blue Celadon (at least is how the brand launched the model). But I drove a red one (Rouge Flamme) and I really loved it! 

The interior is… cute and comfortable; it’s easy to guess where are all the commands, as long as you drove a Renault at last once in your lifetime. Yep, I did, if you wonder, in fact I drove the first model of Renault Captur, at the official launch somewhere in France, Biarritz – lucky times, I know. My Sense, Sport and Eco are the modes that I could set the system. Add to that the Renault’s full game of safety and security initialisms is present, plus an excellent array of luxury kit including LED headlights, adaptive cruise control and a hands-free keycard. Do I need to say that  Captur is Renault’s best-selling compact crossover?

On my wish list for… any spring weekend drive in Romania and for a usual day between projects in the busy and hectic Bucharest city. Not to forget that this is, also, the least expensive plug-in hybrid urban SUV on the market. From 22.960 Euro (TVA included). Rabla Plus 2021 programme for extra discount.

The perfect match was with… a classical trench with a twist, a bunch of flowers (from @dichis.signature.events) and a box of chocolate. 

Photography: Mihnea Ratte – @mihnea.ratte