#Instagram crush: some old & new discoveries in the artistic world

As this month is over, let’s take a look over the new (or old) discoveries in the artistic world: today I have, on my list, some steel sculptures, some plantable paper, delicate wallpapers with flowers and birds that can change the room, framed messages written in Morse code and wool and a couple of beautiful wood tables. #Romanian artist, of course. 

@coolwoodstudio – I loved the framed message I received for my birthday last year from my friend. “Art is everything and everything is art” is written, in Morse code, with some wool lines, on my wall now. The artist, Erika Popliceanu, puts the poems, the personalised messages into a special form through Morse code. And some of her works could bring a little bit of mystery and adventure in our life. Find her works on Instagram account or on erikapopliceanu.tumblr.com

@daniel.radulescu.sculptures – He’s a sculptor that I follow from a long time. Basically, since he entered in the steel sculpture’s world. I love the energy of his heavy but, at the same time, delicate and almost fragile sculptures – faces, silhouettes, in complicated wire metal net. Find Daniel Rădulescu works on his Instagram account or on www.danielradulescu.ro

@irinaneacsustudio – Not only a painter, but also a illustrator and a botanical artist, Irina Neacsu brought, this year, a new and wonderful idea in her works. In painting and graphics, her fascination about botanical subjects becomes the main theme, so Irina exploited this theme even more, presenting us… the plantable paper, a 100% ecological, bio-degradable product, made by hand from recycled paper. I cannot wait to see my first harvest of wildflowers, lavender, alfalfa. Find her works on Instagram and on irinaneacsu.com

@eyeful – Camelia Imbuzan, an artist from Cluj had a great idea: to bring all the beautiful flowers with love and all the birds we cannot see into our home, as some wonderful wallpapers. The flowers are drawn after some ancient botanical catalogues from UK and the birds were painted by the American ornithologist, James Audubon, in 1800s. Love the orchids? Put them in your bedroom! Find the stickers on Instagram account and on eyeful.ro

@urbanwoods.ro – In their workshop, located in the heart of Transylvania the designers are turning salvaged wood into exquisite custom tables. “We decided to salvage old trees that come bundled with many defects which would normally be rejected by other manufacturers of solid wood furniture. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood we chose to emphasize these defects and even amplify them in our products”. Take a look on www.urbanwoods.ro