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It wasn’t even my birthday. But I felt like I received a late but super uber cool present. I am not kiddn’: could you imagine anything cooler for a 007 James Bond series fan then a visit right in the middle of the action scene? Anything more exciting then a dive into a digital archive of the Bond legacy? All in the spectacular scene of Austrian Alps? Only Daniel Craig himself could have done the things been better than that. Well, this summer I saw the 007 ELEMENTS cinematic installation, in Sölden, Tyrol, the place where the spectacular snow scene from “Spectre”, the 24th film of the series, were filmed.

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007 ELEMENTS is a new James Bond cinematic installation located in Sölden, Tyrol, opened in July 2018. Opening times – 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Tickets – 22 euro/adult; gondola ride + entrance 54 euro / adult. //

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The James Bond 007 ELEMENTS, on short…

  • The cinematic installation of 007 ELEMENTS is situated at the peak of 3050 meter tall Gaislachkogl high above Sölden, Austria.
  • The Sölden Mountain Lift Company has installed 007 ELEMENTS inside the mountain, deep beneath the ice Q restaurant designed by architect Johann Obermoser – the location of Spectre’s Hoffler Clinic.
  • The ambiance reminds you of the quarter where the MI6 moved to after “Skyfall” and in “Spectre” in London’s underground.

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  • The tour includes “Barrel of the gun” (the ballistic corridor alludes to the enthralling opening sequence of “Spectre”); the Plaza – a magnificent vantage point overlooking the pristine Venter Tal valley; the “Lobby”, where star director Sam Mendes personally gives you a warm welcome on the screen.
  • “Lair” and “Briefing Room” are next. A fabulous mirror cabinet with central sequences of all Bond actors – from Connery to Craig – followed by a truly dizzying visual 360-degree experience.
  • “The Valley Passage” reveals Sölden’s marvelous mountains, while “Tech Lab” is features dazzling agent gimmicks, an interactive platforms give a deep insight into computer-generated tricks and special effects.
  • In the “Screening Room” some of the most outstanding cinematic pieces of the puzzle are summarised again in the breathless “Spectre” chase. “Legacy Hall” brings together the greatest moments of Bond history, from selected behind the scenes recordings to iconographic film posters.

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The collaboration between the project’s Creative Director Neal Callow (Art Director on Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre) and Optimist Inc. Head of Design Tino Schaedler and his team has resulted in an immersive, interactive, and educational experience that places visitors inside the world of 007 while revealing how that world is made.

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james bond elements

007 ELEMENTS is a partnership between EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) who jointly own the rights to the James Bond films, and Cable Car Companies Sölden.

Photography: (c) 007 ELEMENTS,


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