Happy 140th birthday, Whiting & Davis!

A while ago, let’s say… 140 years ago, a beautiful bag made of metallic mesh was used to carry a handkerchief, or a small mirror, or some essential oils. Now, the same bag (as beautiful as ever) could accommodate an iPhone 6. Who said that fashion is changing? One small amendment: the bag I am talking about is a Whiting & Davis bag.

(The picture above: Skyline Crossbody Clutch, Chandelier Crossbody Clutch, Victorian Stripe Crossbody Clutch) 

Founded in 1876, Whiting & Davis is the oldest handbag company in America.

This year, for the 140th Anniversary, Whiting & Davis are launching a special Heritage Collection that honours our long, glamorous lineage of handbags, from the Roaring 20s to Studio 54 to today’s red carpets. Therefore, the Art Deco motifs from the archives and Van Dyke fringes are back into fashion, the elegant Art Nouveau frame is used to cal back the 20s spirit, the chic crossbody clutches inspired by the famed collaborations with Parisian designer Paul Poiret in the mid-1920s are back on shelves. 

Whiting & Davis

Whiting & Davis has been creating sparkling, metallic masterpieces out of metal mesh since 1876. In 2016, inspired by the rich heritage of trend setting handbags, the brand have designed this special collection with contemporary taste in mind. The special collection is limited edition and will be produced only in 2016. All styles feature a commemorative interior label on signature red lining as well as a Heritage Collection hangtag.

Whiting & Davis

Hand painted Art Deco bag, 1920s; One of the original Poiret pouches, mid 1920s; Enamel Poiret pouch as seen in the ad above, mid 1920s // Mandalian Turkish Rug pattern bag with metal teardrops, 1920; Geometric Mandalian bag with black metal droplets, 1920s; Mandalian; “Lustro Pearl” bag with turquoise droplets, 1920s

Founded in 1876, Whiting & Davis is the oldest handbag company in America. In its long history the brand has become world renowned for its luxurious and high-quality brass metal mesh handbags, which are coveted status objects for stylish celebrities, socialites and collectors alike. In 1999 the Whiting & Davis brand was added to the Inge Christopher Group (https://ingechristopher.com). An American icon for 140 years and counting, the Whiting & Davis line is now sold by more than 500 exceptional retailers worldwide.


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