The sophisticated romanticism: interview with the designer Joshua Millard

A beautiful novel inspired Joshua Millard Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Therefore, a romantic story of white and beige and nude and grey, and blue and sandy shades appeared. Ruffles and fluid volumes, bows and lace: this is a collection I could wear for an entire endless summer. I talked with the young designer Joshua Millard ( about inspiration, about cuts and textures and biggest challenges for a young designer today.

British designer Joshua Millard ( established his eponymous label in 2015.

joshua millard springsummer 2017

What is the story behind you Spring/Summer collection? How does the first sketch come together?

It was mainly influenced by Cecil Beaton’s novel depicting his 15 years at Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, near to my home. I wanted to capture the alluring images of layered textures & lounge wear which he depicts throughout, from furnishings & landscapes to the outfits worn at his renowned social gatherings. Merging with the modern elements of Manuela Pavesi’s style, that easy yet rich wear of class lets say. For me, the sketching stage starts differently with each season, sometimes textures/ colour comes first, other times it’s the envisaged finished look and mood.

 What is your favourite piece from the collection? Why? 

Either the pyramid-pique bomber with the oversized tiered sleeves or the button up asymmetric dress. Total opposites I know, but both embody an intriguing structure & flatter in contrasting ways. The first being a modern casual piece with romantic twists, the latter being more formal and streamlined.

If this collection was a song, or a city, what would it be?

Antony & the Johnsons, Bird Gerhl.

When and how did your brand story started?

Initially about 12 months ago, but I feel it’s a continual learning curve, I’m still trying to steer the brand as my thoughts get clearer on where I see it heading. Being raised on a farm has always influenced my design aesthetic, and I am always trying to bring this element through but with a fresh perspective. Rural textures are continually referenced but in simplistic and easy, tailored silhouettes which can be worn in any scape (land or city).

joshua millard spring/summer 2017

What would be your signature-look?

Any outerwear piece, as long as it has a bit of shearling on it!

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…

The list is endless. Personally seeing past the saturated market & identifying your brand values and sticking to them. The market place is changing in so many aspects, as the traditional path of wholesale and building stockists is breaking down, buyers having smaller budgets and therefore forcing brands have to try and sell direct to consumer. Obviously there are pros and cons to this situation, it’s just trying to figure out what is best for my brand & be proactive/ agile.

joshua millard spring/summer 2017

joshua millard spring/summer 2017

joshua millard spring/summer 2017

About the designer and brand: British designer Joshua Millard ( established his eponymous label in 2015 after studying Womenswear Design at the London College of Fashion and gaining experience at Jonathan Saunders’ studio. Influenced by the seasonal landscapes and isolation of his farming childhood in Dorset, the clothing aspires to embody the seductive mood of the land. Joshua merges refined tailoring with rich textiles to offer a fresh perspective to English nostalgia for the world of Intercontinental travel.

joshua millard Portrait



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