Valencia, the orange city: best places

I didn’t ever envy more something (or somebody) than people of Valencia and their town during the winter. What could be more refreshing than walking every morning near by hundreds of orange trees?! This Spanish city has everything: sun, sea, oranges, nightlife, good restaurants, modern art, a healthy lifestyle, marathons, which make it the perfect escape for a weekend. What to do in Valencia? (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

  1. Go to the beach! That’s the first step when I arrive in a city with sea and sand. A walk by the seashore by day and a paella in the evening at one of the numerous restaurants. La Pepica, next to Hotel Las Arenas ( is a good choice, as well as La alegria de la huerta.
  2. Walk through the longest park I have ever seen lately (9 kilometers one way), in the former Turia riverbed which cross the city. It is the ideal place to hang out in the spring, to train for the marathons, to read a good book under the (again) orange trees. The best place to see at the end of the park? City of Arts and Science, of course, with its impressive architecture (
  3. Wander the streets and discover new places. I checked Valencia Cathedral and its Holy Grail (the cathedral is a beautiful piece of architecture), Plaza del Reina and La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange) and its amazing interior gardens. And, of course, Valencia Institute of Modern Art.
  4. Then I tried to find new and enchanting places. I had the most amazing surprise in Mercado de Tapineria: cool people, good vibe, gigantic bears in the window (yep, you read it right) and excellent food at some hipster’s bar. A little bit further, Carrer de Dalt – a hip & fun neighborhood to hang out in bars, coffee shops and tapas bars.
  5. Try the food! The best restaurants tried and tested: Mercatbar (, Deli_rant (, The black turtle (, Orios tapas bar, Bar Biosca. Plus, in Mercat de Colon I find out that are at least 5 choices for an evening snack.
  6. To stay: Hospes Palau de la Mar ( and Hotel Las Arenas (


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