A story of a sublime(age) crème

One friend once told me “Investing in an expensive pair of shoes is good, you can sparkle an entire fashion season. But investing in a effective skin cream is perfect, because a flawless skin complexion is yours for years, not just for a season, and it never gets out of fashion”. Therefore, I just say, a classic formula, developed for 10 years could do the trick for anybody. Like the sublime(age) crème from Chanel. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

That’s why: 10 years ago, the beauty world experienced a turning point in the history of CHANEL Skincare and the birth of a new star: SUBLIMAGE, a skincare treasure that unites the best of Chanel’s research and its values, a complete anti-aging skincare product that regenerates the skin’s essential functions and enchants the senses.
Chanel puts as much expertise and passion into developing skincare line as they do their bags, for example, or accessories. The brand travelled all the way to Madagascar to find the best vanilla extract —Vanilla Planifolia— as the power-packed ingredient in their super luxurious SUBLIMAGE range launched in 2006.

Ten years and over 1.6 million jars sold, Chanel research has uncovered even more advanced technology. In the life cycle of the vanilla plant, there is a moment right before its ripening process begins where it generates exceptional, but short-lived molecules that no one has been able to catch just yet. Chanel has created a new Chrono-extraction technology, that makes it possible to capture these precious, ephemeral molecules from the plant at just the right moment without causing any harm to the them. These molecules are then used in the creation of Éphémères de Planifolia — the active ingredient that goes into SUBLIMAGE creams, extraits and lotions. A beautiful dress and an exquisite pair of shoes deserve a perfect complexion, isn’t it?


Chanel’s Sublimage La Crème, available at Chanel counters and stores (www.chanel.com)

Photography: Chanel



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