A story about grace: encounter with the creators of Les Souliers Opéra de Paris

I was in a hurry. Running, actually, on Premiere Classe alley, trying not to be late (again) at Leonard Paris show. And, suddenly, as in a slow motion movie, I stopped. And I rewinded a little. And that is because I saw some beautiful shoes, looking like a ballerina shoes. Les Souliers Opéra de Paris shoes, at Premiere Classe Tuileries, at Paris Fashion Week, this October.

Les Souliers Opéra de Paris shoes ballet

First, I should start with a confession: I have an obsession with ballet. I wanted to go to Moscow to see Bolshoi Theatre, I saw like three times “Flesh and Bones” and I have always been fascinated by the perfection of Maya Plisetskaya’s moves. The second confession: I have always wanted to have a pair of shoes as soft and delicate as ballerina’s pointe shoes. And, there, in Paris, this October, I saw something that made me smile.

The shoes could be found on http://souliers-operadeparis.com

“Les Souliers Opéra de Paris line takes its inspiration from the whole universe of the prestigious Maison: Ballet and Opéra, Garnier and Bastille, dancers and singers”, the designers of this incredible line told me. “From our last season, we had many different themes to be inspired: Swan Lake (ballet), An evening at the Opéra de Paris (with the magical stairs), The Red Opera (from the famous curtain).”

Les Souliers Opéra de Paris shoes ballerina

Les Souliers Opéra de Paris city shoes (yes, my dream came true!) are made by the artisan shoemaker Merlet. At Verneuil-sur-Vienne near Limoges, where the Merlet dance shoes are crafted, a new workshop has been created specially to produce this collection dedicated to all women inspired by dance. It is here that each shoe is conceived, designed and stitched by hand, to achieve perfection through innovation. The traditions of dance are interpreted in beautiful, comfortable shoes that can be worn from morning to night. The bestsellers? Of course, all models inspired by the real ballet shoes: SOLIS (ballet shoe), PALMA (pointe shoe), ORIANA and ODETTE (jazz shoes), EDEN – EATON – ELOGE (the classical ballerina). “All the leathers are coming from Italy, Spain and France. The production is made our workshop in Limoges – 100% made in France”, said the designers.

Les Souliers Opéra de Paris shoes balet

What was the main element that inspired you for this spring/summer 2017 collection?
Travel (SOLIS, SOLEA, PALMA and PARIS models), the ballerina tutu (EBOLIA, ENDOL, JUDELIA, NECIA1), Jazz shoes (with ODETTE, ODRANI), Ballroom shoes (JUDITE, JULIE, JUSTINE).

You made ballet shoes to wear on the street. What ballerina would you dream to wear the shoes (actual or from history)?
We are very proud of our model: Léonore Baulac. She is the image of line. She is Première Danseuse at the Paris Opera meaning first soloist. She represents of course the Ballet style but also le Chic with modernity! From history, not necessary a dancer but Audrey Hepburn will have been an ideal icon! She loves Paris, The Opéra and of course dancing.

Photography: (c) courtesy of  Les Souliers Opéra de Paris, http://souliers-operadeparis.com


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