Opposites attract: the interview with Slash Brand designer

I saw her clothes for the first time in Paris, during Fashion Week this spring. And I loved, at the first sight, the chromatic (of course, a lot of black and white) and her taste for minimalist clothes but with a strong voice. I wanted to know more about Slash Brand. Therefore, I talked with the designer, Monika Jadach (picture below), about the story of the brand, the best and worst moments in fashion in the last five years, about style and… what we are going to wear in the fall. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

Selection of Slash Brand stockists: L’Exception, 24 rue Berger, 75001 Paris, France / Boutique Mai, / Waldstätterstrasse 19, 6003 Luzern, Suisse / Boutique Yoth, Achter Het Stadhuis 16-18, 5211 HN Den Bosch, Hollande / Minunmin, Vaasanpuistikko 14, 65100 Vasa, Finlande

The collections could be found on www.slashbrand.fr.

monika jadach

Who are you? When and how this brand story started?
I am a fashion designer, a graduate of Fine Arts Academy, an aesthete. I worked for several years in fashion and in design, with the goal to set on my own.

Why black and white pieces, mostly? 
The idea for the creation of Slash Brand came from my favourite source of inspiration: the complementarity of opposites.
My work consists of assembling in a harmonious way opposite values. The name for the brand came from this creative approach. The slash as a graphic sign ( / ) is uniting opposites, like Masculine / Feminine, White / Black. This can relate to volumes, shapes, fabrics, colours or anything else.

What is the difficult thing for a designer nowadays? Why? 
Lack of awareness in the society concerning garment production and ethics.
Of course, a designer work varies a lot depending on the company size, ethics and goals. The difficulty for independent and ethical designers is not only to do our job, already complex and involving designing, manufacturing, quality control, but as well the communication and education about the clothing business.

The best thing happened in fashion industry in the last 5 years / and the worst
The worst are the tragedy of Rana Plaza, lack of real change or preventing actions, child labour and deplorable conditions of work in the poorest regions of the world.
The best are the rise of interest towards ethical and ecological clothing, appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, traditional techniques and the diversity of aesthetics present on the market; successful development of niche brands and independent designers which shows a mature approach of customers embracing and mixing bold individual style.

What is next? How is going to look the next collection?
For fall-winter 2016 Slash Brand offers clean and generous, oversized shapes in luxurious, soft woollen fabrics. Every item of the collection can be mixed together and layered, the fluid and feminine A and V line dresses where designed to fit with the oversized clean cut jackets or the denim inspired jacket. This piece has a street wear feel, but at the opposite of the rigid denim it is made from a surprisingly soft wool blend. Among my favourite pieces are as well wide pants slimming the waist, vaporous wool-silk blouses and faux fur vests. (www.slashbrand.fr)

slash brand 1

Style is… a state of mind

The absolute fashion icon…. To name a few: Tilda Swinton, Marina Abramovic, the character of Katniss Everdeen from the movie Hunger Games, my friends and random people crossed in the street.

The 5 pieces everybody should have… I’m not a fan of must haves, there’s something rigid in imposing or suggesting them. I love diversity and clothing showing uniqueness and personality.

Your shopping secret address… I don’t have the need or time to shop for fashion, so I’ll share addresses of boutiques with an interesting selection, among which is Slash Brand.

If your clothes could be a music theme, they would be… While working I cherish silence, though music is a big inspiration. I’d love to convey the feel of harmony of Sanskrit chants.

slash brand 2

Selection of Slash Brand stockists:
L’Exception, 24 rue Berger, 75001 Paris, France
Boutique Mai, Waldstätterstrasse 19, 6003 Luzern, Suisse
Boutique Yoth, Achter Het Stadhuis 16-18, 5211 HN Den Bosch, Hollande
Minunmin, Vaasanpuistikko 14, 65100 Vasa, Finlande

slash brand

Photography: Thomas Lavelle
Model: Tanya C / Metropolitan


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