“Flirting with Danger” in David Drebin’s new photography book

Every photography tells a story. In David Drebin’s case, every one of his photographies is an entire novel. An imaginary one, a better one, a beautiful one. It opens doors to a mysterious journey of the imagination, inviting its viewers to momentarily forget the world around them. Following the release of seven bestselling books, including the recent Collectors Edition, a portfolio of the artist’s 50 most iconic images in an XXL limited edition of 500 copies, his latest monograph, “Flirting with Danger”, takes Drebin’s storytelling to the next level. (Photo up: David Drebin, Outside The Bubble, copyright David Drebin_teNeues)

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The new high-gloss publication featuring Drebin’s most daring photographs – published by teNeues Verlag GmbH. More on www.daviddrebin.com and @daviddrebin

The Canadian-born, New York-based artist David Drebin is known for infusing his photographic masterpieces with compelling narratives. Although each of his works unique, his signature style makes them instantly recognizable with their distinctive atmosphere: romantic melancholy and a hint of eroticism that elegantly draws you into an exciting fantasy. In his newest book “Flirting with Danger”, the renowned star photographer presents particularly sensational moments on this theme. 

David Drebin, Diamond Crusher, copyright David Drebin_teNeues

Drebin creates a cinematic yet hyperrealistic dream world that captivates viewers, making them feel like they are part of the story. Each image inspires us to continue the film in our mind: What will happen next? What happened before? “Flirting with Danger” is dedicated to the fascinating allure of the forbidden and the dangerous. Dramatic images dare to expose our desire for excitement. 

David Drebin, The Great Beauty, copyright David Drebin_teNeues

About the photographer… 

David Drebin (*1970) ranks among the most renowned contemporary photographic artists today – READ an interview with the artist here – on www.dreamingof.net

David Drebin, Cinematic Beauty, copyright David Drebin_teNeues

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 1996, he began his career in commercial photography and advertising, creating images of movie stars, sports personalities, and entertainers, in addition to countless high-profile campaigns around the world. Drebin’s art career took off with a show in 2004 at the gallery Fahey/Klein in Los Angeles. Not only did Elton John purchase his work and become a frequent collector, but David Drebin was also introduced to CAMERA WORK Berlin, which hosted his first of five exhibitions there in 2005. Since then, the artist has worked with a host of A-list celebrities and has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Miami and New York. He has been represented by Contessa Gallery at over 100 art fairs since 2006, including Art Basel in Miami, where Drebin’s work has featured regularly for nearly 20 years.  

David Drebin, Love Over Central Park, copyright David Drebin_teNeues