Finding the joy of simple things: interview with the violinist Kirill Troussov

He believes that classical music will be that music we will all come back to, in the end. To give us peace and joy. And I must tell that I totally agreed with the violinist Kirill Troussov, the charming musician that I met at one Bucharest concerts for SoNoRO Conac festival ( In a good company of a rose lemonade and an ice cream, we talked about music and trends, about Enescu and the joy and happiness of simple things. The joy of good music.

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What was the most touching memory for you until now, from SoNoRo Conac tour?

For me, this was the evening at Otomani. In that small village, after the concert, people have invited us to their home yards, they treated us with wine, they organised little parties for us. It was amazing. The whole thing was so simple and so beautiful at the same time! This is what we miss sometimes: simple things that make us happy.

At SoNoRo, Răzvan Popovici usually tells the audience the stories about composers and pieces. What is the story you would like Răzvan to tell about you?

Well, we are friends for many years. And I think the music is connecting us. He is a very open person, just as me; I like to discover things, he likes to find new ones, as well. And I think that he would tell a story about me, it would be the same, about our friendship. We share the same passions: we love music and we like food.

Do you play Romanian music? What’s your favourite?

The last Romanian piece I played was from Enescu. I find that people in Romania have a special connection to the music. They have a special feeling for music. There is a lot of folklore influence here. So, if I should choose the favourites, these will be Enescu and the folklore accents.

There is any part that you’ve always wanted to play, but you didn’t, or couldn’t? 

I think is more related to the cities I wanted to visit, because for me the music is strongly related to the cities I’m in. I did play almost everything, in a lot of countries in the world. But I would like to discover new countries and to discover their music. I’ve never been to Australia and Brazil and I would like to go there and feel the vibe of the cities.

You are always on the road. What do you listen? What’s on your playlist?

I like jazz. I also like pop music. I don’t have a favourite, it is hard to keep up with all the trends, but I like listening to pop music. You see, this is a thing that we don’t have in classical music: trends. You cannot say Bach is in trend right now and Brahms will be cool tomorrow. But as for me, I don’t listen only to classical music.

Why did you choose violin?

My mother is a piano professor, my sister is also a pianist. But, one day, at the TV, a Russian violinist was playing. I was four years old. And when my mother saw the excitement I was looking at the concert and the violinist, she bought me a violin.

If you could have dinner with an artist, who would it be? And what would you ask him?

As a violinist I would like to have dinner with Paganini. He made a revolution of the classical music of that time. He made something incredible stuff on the instrument: and from that point on, the music was different. I think I would like to ask him how he came up with all these idea.

Why do we need music in our lives?

Well, I think we will need it more and more. You see, today everything is on fast-forward: the pop music is changing, the trends are changing so quickly, we have so much information, our work is more and more chaotic. Therefore I see more and more people coming back to the classical music. And that is because it gives you peace.

Name the perfect composer for…

Bucharest: definitely George Enescu, because the variety and diversity of the city is amazing. Salzburg? Is Mozart, for sure. For Munchen… maybe Brahms.

kirill troussov

Alina Aliman & Kirill Troussov