6 things to put in the bag for a spring break

Have I told you that spring is my favourite season? The flowers, the sun, the fresh smell of a new season… And the spring break, of course. Until my (real) every year holiday (read here about Haute Provence), a short one is always welcome. And, beside white outfits (TOP 5 here) and sunscreen, this week I found out something extra to put in my luggage.

First of all, a couple of colourful C&A T-shirts form Cradle to Cradle line. Why? that is simple. They go with anything, from jeans to a shimmering skirt. And they are made of sustainable materials. T-Shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, produced using only chemicals that are designed for safe cycling as biological nutrients, and manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible way. (www.canda.com)

C&A T-shirts form Cradle to Cradle line

Then, a big white bag to put all the (bare) necessities in it. White, of course, because this is the colour of holiday. And big. And I find it at Stefanel (www.stefanel.com).

Stefanel white bag

The third thing? A good and nice cream, that smells like spring. So, for this mini escape I will try the Caudalie Vine [ACTIV] products (cream, serum, eye cream and overnight detox oil ). They are designed to help protect the skin from pollution and against ageing and said to leave my skin feeling bright and youthful. (www.helpnet.ro)

Caudalie cream

Of course, I said I need my sun and sand and my days on the beach. Therefore, of course I need a swimming suit. One that makes me slimmer and tanned already. And one easy to mix and match with every piece of outfit I may put in my spring break luggage. Like this one, from COS…. (www.cosstores.com).

COS swimwear

Maybe my skin is proof assured against the pollution, but what about my hair?! Recently, I found out that everybody has a different DNA for the hair. Yes, that is wright. Every single human being has a different “formula” that describes his (her) hair, so I have to take care of mine, accordingly. And that is the reason I will put in the bag the products form the line of hair care by System Professional. (https://www.facebook.com/SystemProfessionalRomania/)

System Professional hair products

Last, but not the least, I will put my bets on a colourful silk shirt. One to breath spring and fun with every inch. One as in the new and cool collection by Braiconf (http://www.braiconf.ro) with vegetal prints or even funny little messages.

Braiconf shirt

I know I am ready to hit the road and go to a spring break. Do you?

Photography: dreamingof.net