5 cool outfits for the summer: white with a twist

I really don’t recall right now if it was the sun to blame, or the white flowers in bloom all over, but for sure I felt in the mood for white outfits. So I had to put under the radar the Spring/Summer 2017 collections. And there they were: 5 perfect white outfits, not just fabulous, but… with a twist. After all, who like plain T-shirts and skinny jeans?

white outifts for the summer

Jacquemus, AF Vandevorst, Lutz Huelle, Chanel, John Galliano

First of all, the white dress signed by John Galliano. The entire SS17 collection of Maison John Galliano rediscovers the delight of dressing up through the young girls’ eyes. Add to the delicate silk and chiffon dress a papier mâché mask created by Stephen Jones, stiletto sandals from The Chain and a leather sort of belt, sort of suspenders accessory… and the outfit is ready for a spring walk.

The second look is from Jacquemus SS17 collection. The oversized shoulders and the pleated ruffles on the skirt make a perfect combo for a summer outfit. The detail that will catch everybody’s eyes will be the big hat, inspired from Provencal traditional costumes.

For the rocker girl inside me, I think I could choose the Lutz Huelle outfit from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The blouse with studs, leaned over one shoulder, the long metallic earrings and the touch of a goth diva: the overlaid lace skirt. Ready to rock and roll?

I could never forget about one of my favourite designers: for Spring/Summer 2017 Karl Lagerfeld send on the runway cool urban outfits, matching the enormous data center built inside Grand Palace. But how better way to trespass the common rules than adding a baseball cap to a delicate silk white dress with Chanel logo on it?

My favourite of all? The blouse/dress mixed with denim, seen at AF Vandevorst. The whole look seemed like was stolen from a bride and deconstructed to be worn in a very urban cool way.

Photography: PR brands


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