A collection with million faces: Louis Vuitton FW1920

“The Centre Pompidou, Beaubourg, Les Halles, Place des Innocents: this is a fascinating incubator of a neighbourhood. An incredible melange, converging in the epicentre. The cliques, the styles, the life… I love that impression of a sartorial melting pot. Today, I’ve transposed it at Louis Vuitton: a House of multiple expressions”, the designer Nicolas Ghesquière said after the Louis Vuitton FW1920 show in Paris, this March.

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louis vuitton fw1920 details

A ephemeral Pompidou in the in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée was the beautiful scene for presenting Louis Vuitton FW1920 women collection. Remember: the Centre Pompidou was created with all the functional elements on the outside (Renzo Piano, architect ) and its allure could also apply to fashion is the ID Code of fluidity, an architect’s glossary that’s both formal and fanciful. Green is water, blue is air, yellow is electricity. Red is human.


And the main features for Louis Vuitton FW1920 collection are…

  • … this collection is an invitation to cultural references. “Refinery” sweaters and “Carcass” dresses. The Monogram and the Damier oscillate on accessories in equal time.
  • … a graphic juxtaposition that surfaces on the new “Monogram LV Pop” and the beginnings of the “The LV Arch”.
  • … a certain feeling of Beaubourg air from the 80s, with oversized shoulders and sport twists, prints, metals and punk accents.
  • … primary colors, flat boots or thick-soled men’s lace-up shoes.
  • … the models’ outfits were not just a melting pot but a mosaic of clashing textures, prints, punkish metal embellishments, face-framing ruffles (definitely not flat), and leather skullcaps.

louis vuitton collection fw1920

louis vuitton fw1920

Photography: (C) www.lousivuitton.com


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