4 reasons to go off road. With a Mercedes-Benz SUV, of course.

When all the (usual) plans are canceled, it’s time to think outside of the box. Or, a better way to put it, to think from inside of a bigger car. To hit the road, instead of taking a flight. And to change the usual two seats roadster with a SUV. What I am trying to say is… go off road, go wild, go on your favourite holiday in the most interesting places in Romania. And do it with a new model Mercedes-Benz GLC or GLA. Here are 4 reasons (and the list is still open) to go off road. With a Mercedes-Benz SUV, of course.

More details about the models & prices, on www.mercedes-benz.ro

First, an escape outdoor is perfect for the times we’re living in – the social distancing was easier when I was in the middle of the rural landscape, somewhere in the Cluj county, during TIFF Festival. It was an amazing trip: a beautiful scenery, with all the wild and colourful flowers I could ever imagined; a dozen shades of wonderful blue; a continuous line of sunflowers covering the hills; and the mountains, somewhere at the horizon. 

Secondly, to be on an off-road track really changed my perspective. And challenged me to adopt a different way of driving a car. No more to-do lists scrolled through my mind while driving, no more re-caps of the day that has just finished. The angles, the constant attention of holes & paths made me to stay focused. And the pause from all the work and constant worries was good. 

The car takes care of you. Yep, indeed. Exterior design, interior style and roominess made me feel like home. New engines and suspension features offer an even greater driving experience on and off the road. And includes the intelligent “Hey Mercedes” voice control. Thanks to the Driving Assistance package, the GLC is well on its way toward automated driving. The Active Distance Assistant DISTRONIC helps to maintain the distance from the car in front. The Active Brake Assist is there to help you out. Active Steering Assist supports the driver subconsciously and effectively, and PARKTRONIC makes even tight parking manoeuvres stress-free.

The feeling. Technology, infotainment. safety, a lot of space and the most comfortable car seats I have met in the last years. Well, I could even reply to my e-mails (from the passenger seat) without worrying about the car sick. And the Bucharest-Cluj distance seemed, somehow, shorter than usual. 

Photography: Mercedes-Benz România – www.mercedes-benz.ro 

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