7 exhibitions to see this fall

Studies about nature as a ever-lasting wonder, installations, thoughts captured in folding ceramics, some re-discovered collections of women painters, an immersive show and memories kept in paintings that retrieve memories. For all #artlovers, these are 7 exhibitions to see this fall in Bucharest. Put them into your agenda! 

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  1. Fake Nature – Ioan Galea – at Galateca 

(25th October – 6th of November 2022 – @galateca)  

In „Fake Nature” exhibition, the artist Ioan Galea focuses on nature with an interrogative discourse on the way we receive and, above all, project or construct the image of nature as an occasion for perpetual wonder, starting from the premise that the representation of nature is not “true”, but only a “fake” construction and a artist’s point of view. Basically, as the artist said, “secondary images” of the nature, in green, blue and orange. (photo up)

2. Irina Marinescu – august. – tapestry series – Grotto Gallery

(from 3rd of November to 5th of November 2022, Spătarului street, 17bis, @irina__marinescu)

This series of works is an incursion into the extremely intimate dimension of the artist, an intentional disclosure of pages from a personal diary that mark different stages in the anatomy of the loss of a loved one – love, sadness, mourning, which Irina chooses to portray candid, using the canvases as delimited spaces in which to store objects, sounds and images, memories of the beloved being. The artist will be in the gallery these days.

(Photo: Andrei Runcanu)

3. Marks of Our Times – Alexandru Cînean – Galateca 

(17.10 – 06.11.2022 –  @galateca

The collaboration between creart / Teatrelli and Galateca, the performance “INT.EXT” (in the windows of the gallery during the pandemic), the creative experiment at Fantom Gallery in Berlin: these were the starting points for the installation. the visual artist Alexandru Cînean translates and encapsulates in graphic language the changes of behaviour and the new gestures entered into the normality distorted by the experience of the pandemic.

4. “The unseen part of Lucia Dem. Bălăcescu collection” – Museum of the Art Collections 

(23 October 2022 – 26 March 2023 – https://www.mnar.arts.ro/muzeul-colectiilor-de-arta

More than 100 art works from the collection of the artist will be on display for the first time. Graphic art works, valuable paintings – from charcoal (1914) to sea landscapes in watercolours in 1976; the exhibition is completed with family photographies, manuscripts and other memories from Lucia Dem. Bălăcescu. Painter, writer, books illustrator: the artist is one of the most powerful presence of her times. Her recognisable artistic style has been dubbed the “LDB style”, successfully combining avant-garde elements with a seemingly naïve approach inclined to the imaginary, grotesque or dreamlike.

5. ATOMA – Kulterra 

(until 6th of November 2022 – @kulterragallery)

ATOMA descends from the heel into the exhibition hall with an ambitious solo show: artistic, immersive, with a message and with a wealth of information, sources and meanings, which she organises in a triptych. The artist forces us to ask ourselves what are the consequences of the things and ideas that we take for granted, for lack of time, without effort, out of comfort, for convenience or because of addiction. Then he shows us who are the guests at this banquet; last but not least, ATOMA summons a possible physical presence, which materialises in the form of oversized lips, behind which lies digitisation, as a metonymy for social media and consumer society, with all the shortcomings that they entail, including the lack of responsibility, the superficiality, the slips that transform us and bring us to this point. 

6. Folding Memory & Of the Earth – Vlad Basarab – Galateea Contemporary Art

(3-22.11.2022 for the first part of exhibition, 23-29.11.2022 for the second part – @https://www.instagram.com/galateeacontemporaryart/)  

We wonder: do the ceramic and clay have memory? It seems that way. This project (structured in two different parts) of the artist Vlad Basarab puts us in the position to look back to the origins, to the archetypes and to feel the magic of the ancient times. The ceramic has its memory and it contains the stories of an entire world. 

7. Pia Massaci – Restitution – Palatul Suțu 

(from 4th of November 2022 to 22nd of January 2023 – https://muzeulbucurestiului.ro/

The exhibitions reunites more than 30 art works of the beloved artist, an effort of MMB (Bucharest Municipal Museum) and Massaci family. Basically, it is the first personal exhibition of the artist, 30 years after we lost her. The exhibition will include works from 30s to 70s. Some works from Bucharest Museum collection, art works from the family, stories and more info about the beloved artist. 


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