The traditions reloaded: interview with the designer Ioana Palicica

We need stories in our lives. And, sometimes, they are told by some old objects, like some shuttles owned by our grandmothers. Or by some beautiful painting, or a dress, or a sculpture inspired by traditional elements. Therefore, I chatted with the designer Ioana Palicica about the latest exhibition / installation from Galateca, about traditions and our need for stories.

Ioana Palicica exhibition Galateca

“This part of exhibition from Galateca is, in fact, part of my dissertation for school. That was my trial of transforming the elements of the old looms into fashionable pieces, ready to be worn”, said to me the designer Ioana Palicica. “Even this was an experimental theme, all of these are objects ready to wear and ready to be integrated in some modern outfits.”

“Maiastra. Port and transport” exhibition could be seen at Galateca ( between 8th of June and 8th of July.
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How did the story started?

I received a lot of old wood parts from my grandmother (parts of looms, shuttles) and I didn’t want to throw them away, so I thought that I could transform them into something unique, to give them a new life. So that’s the “Port and Transport” idea came from. In fact, it all has started with a wood necklace, made out of an ancient shuttle from my grandmother. She used to weave with it. And the ornaments from that necklace are made from the cuffs and the collar of the shirt that my grandmother sewed for my grandfather. Now I could say I have both of them on a single necklace. And this necklace is the one that has started the whole project.

Ioana Palicica designs

What does the projects includes?

On her way back from Compared Arts Museum of Sangeorz-Bai, the artist Elisabeth Ochsenfeld saw this necklace on my studio and she wanted to wear it on a TV show. It had a huge success. And we did more things that have artefacts as a starting point – the artistic works of Elisabeth Ochsenfeld and Maxim Dumitraş, the pieces from the designer Dorin Negrău.

Ioana Palicica shuttle

What’s next for your pieces?

I will let them travel, as Mama Ruță shuttle used to travel ( and they will return to me, with incredible stories. In fact, the whole project is inspired by the story of the shuttle of Mama Ruță (which travelled more than 1 million kilometres around the world).

Why do you think we still need traditions in such a hectic world, today?

We cannot exist otherwise. I think these are our social fingerprints in the world. They represent all that our parents and our grandparents made and all the things they made defined us.

Ioana Palicica design shuttle bag

What story do you think that your objects will say after some years?

Let’s meet after some years and see (she smiles). But I would love for them to see more walls, more countries, more exhibitions. And I wait eagerly for the stories to be woven.

Give a potential visitor the reasons to enter and spend some time in this exhibition…

I will tell him / her to enter and spend some time in this exhibition / installation and to see 5 different exhibitors. And every corner, with the shuttle as the the central element, will tell a different story. And him/her will hear 5 different stories.

Ioana Palicica design

Photography: Galateca,


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