The world in my sleeve

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep some memories from every trip and holiday I’ve been to. Not magnets (too cheesy and too commercial), not big pieces of pottery or wood. But tiny, very little things (a ticket to a concert, a leaf, a pin, a postcard) to remind me about happy and relaxed days. Even though, as long as I cannot have them with me all the time, I had to find another way. And there it is, the perfect solution for scrapbooks obsessed, for postcard lovers, for those who like to keep their holiday’s memories closer: the PANDORA charms.

A new PANDORA charm collection was launched recently, inspired by travels: there are pieces made of 925 silver and they embodied well-known touristic attractions or flags in vivid colors. So, you may choose to have France on your sleeve between a charm like a postcard, engraved with “Wish you were here” and “Bonjour” message, the British flag in a box, a photo camera in black enamel and sparkling stones, a miniature globe with “All around the world” phrase on it, a Greek temple on your wrist or a beautiful cathedral to see every day. What is going to be?


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