It’s time for art: Art Safari 2021

Some cool Romanian artists. A lot of interesting paitings. Night Tours and a very special section for kids in love with art world. Art Safari 2021 is ready to start. Have you got your tickets? 

Art Safari 2021 is at its 8th edition – 16 to 26 September 2021.
Locations: Dacia-Romania Palace & Arcub Hanul Gabroveni – architectonical jewels of Bucharest, with a huge historical significance. 

In this Art Safari 2021 edition we can follow the signs… 

1. Museum Pavilion: “Samuel Mützner, on Claude Monet steps”. Mützner ‘s creation inspired by the European Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism of the Giverny stage, from the years spent beaside Claude Monet, which were decisive in his artistic evolution, by “opening the way to light and color” in Romanian painting will predominate the exhibition. It will also include paintings from his great travels around the world: Japan, Romanian landscapes and of the picturesque Balchik.

În grădina din Beaucaire, 1911, Samuel Mützner
Gheişă, Samuel Mützner

2. Guest Pavilion: “Seduction and Triumph in Art. Female artists in Romania”. Organized in partnership with the Bucharest Municipality Museum, the exhibition will present an important series of works created by many women-artists from Romania who studied in Munich and Paris, then exhibited in Romania but also in France, Italy, Spain or Germany and who were involved in the modern and avant-garde artistic movements. Some of them continued their activity after the Second World War, in a new and difficult political and ideological context.

Adina Paula Moscu, Portret de femeie
Margareta Sterian, Neguțătorul de iluzii, Muzeul Municipiului București

3. Central Pavilion: “Constantin Piliuță. Zenith Colour.” In the Romanian painting, Constantin Piliuță introduced the genre scene as an expression of the everyday ridicule and paintings with floral theme as a way of manifestation of the aesthetics of simplicity and harmony of the palette. Both are touched not only by the pallor in a vivid, Levantine light, but also by ardent passions, expressed by the subtle arabesques of the composition. Piliuță brought a smile to the history of our art, produced either by the spectacle of the contingent daily, or as an expression of delight when the simplicity of the world is revealed as its mystery.

Pierrot, Constantin Piliuţă
Dansul cailor, Constantin Piliuţă

4. Contemporary Pavilion: “Superheroes/Antiheroes. Trends in Romanian Contemporary Art”. The exhibition explores the role of creative communities in Romania and the various current ways of expression, from drawing to fabric, installation or ceramics. The Romanian super-contemporary art of this decade is not easily to gather in one exhibition. Despite being challenging in its content or disconcerting in the aesthetics, it is actually the expression of a time when the world is changing with speed. The superhero serves as the ultimate metaphor for the artist and his ability to explore, problematise and critique contemporary society.

Victor Fota, Subscription Setup, 2017, colecție privată
Irina Dragomir, Love Is Blind, 2021, colecție privată

5. Collateral Exhibition: “Ecaterina Vrana: UnSeen” at Nicolae Minovici Museum, (Str. Dr. Nicolae Minovici, nr. 1), curator Felicia Raetzky. 

6. Plus: two important events. One is Night Tours – visiting experiences with paitings and live music. The second: Art Safari Kids, an education program for kids. 


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