In the dreamland of Dorhout Mees: Orphic collection

When the mobile phones were not blinking and everybody just stared at an enormous screen with a kind of surreal story projected on it… I knew the show will be different. And it was. I am talking about Dorhout Mees Orphic collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week. In a dark space, the music interrupted by lightnings and thunders led us to a story where ethereal girls with floss candy hair passed by. “Orphic S/S 17 by Dorhout Mees is inspired by phenomenon, the striking of lightning in nature, but also the fascination of what happens when lightning strikes a person, who survives”, said the designer Esthe Louise Dorhout Mees.

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Dorhout Mees Orphic collection projection

Dorhout Mees Orphic collection

And the lightnings could change (dramatically, I might say) things: they could damage the nature, they can leave scars on people, they could burn to ashes a place and some memories.

“The combination of something that is so beautiful to behold and at the same time so dangerous was so interesting to me, the fragility of a material or our own body in that way for me was such an interesting thought… that it created my whole collection”, said the designer.

Dorhout Mees collection

Dorhout Mees Orphic collection Paris

I saw a lot of ruffles and transparencies, 3D structures that move over the skin, corsets accentuating the body, combined with leather sneakers, both with chaotic almost woven laces crossing on top and over each other mimicking the same structures on the body, silver shiny metallic patches and asymmetrical structures.

Dorhout Mees Orphic collection

Esthe Louise Dorhout Mees

Esthe Louise Dorhout Mees

Photography: (c) Dorhout Mees,


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